2020 [KOREAN]

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

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Woo-jin Jo as Dr. Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel6 / 10

Average heist movie

An upbeat slightly comical movie about stealing a sword from a tomb. The direction is quite well paced. Lee je hoon is the right guy for this role. I was a bit confused towards the end.

Reviewed by alisonc-17 / 10

Caper Flick, Korean-Style

Dong-goo (Lee Jehoon) is a thief, but an elite one: he robs tombs and monasteries of their treasures. The difficulty lies in finding buyers, many of whom feel they can just take the loot from him, although they learn differently quickly. After proving himself with one job, he's offered another - to raid a supposedly empty tomb that is scheduled to be "restored" and make off with its treasure - so he puts together a team including Dr. Jones (Woo-jin Jo) and Shoveler (Im Won-Hee),and soon the race is on....

This is a lively caper flick with a dozen twists and turns as one expects from caper flicks; think a Korean Ocean's 11 with a little Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure (there's a reason one of Dong-goo's team is called Dr. Jones)! Part comedy, part action and all side-switching and racing to beat the bad guys, the film also leaves the possibility of a "further adventures of" sequel, which I for one would go to see!

Reviewed by anarchronox4 / 10

Below average

The movies lacks the zing factor to make it interesting. The story is very predictable and boring. Korean cinema has produced many great movies. Sadly, this movie does not do justice to the greatness of Korean cinema.

Ignore this movie.

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