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Reviewed by Woodyanders9 / 10

An excellent and unjustly overlooked deadpan black comedy gem

"Beverly Hills 90210" star hunk Jason Priestley gives a startlingly able and engaging performance as Cosmo, a quiet, passive, thoroughly nebbishy and unassuming recluse who works as a bookie for a mob syndicate. When new capo Gordon (a perfectly pernicious Robert Loggia) becomes gang leader after the previous crime boss croaks, Cosmo gets promoted to hit-man. Under the sage, expert tutelage of laid-back, but weary, boozy and guilt-wracked rub-out artist par excellence Steve (a terrifically low-key portrayal by the always ingratiating Peter Riegert),Cosmo proves to be an amazingly quick study and soon surpasses his wise older mentor when it comes to casually bumping off folks for major league dollars. Things become dicey when Cosmo befriends and immediately falls in love with nice gal yoga instructor Jasmine (a winningly perky turn by the eminently adorable Kimberly Williams),who's understandably less than thrilled with Cosmo's deadly profession.

Writer/director Wallace Wolodarsky deftly accomplishes the tricky task of blending a gently whimsical romantic comedy with a savagely twisted droll black farce, skillfully creating and maintaining a deliciously dry and deadpan out-of-whack sensibility that's often uproariously screwy, constantly engrossing and occasionally even quite jarringly grotesque. The mixture of brutal violence and playful quirkiness works remarkably well because of Wolodarsky's commendably firm control of a marvelously unpredictable anything-can-happen oddball tone: the characters are a splendidly colorful bunch of delightfully kooky, likable and somehow strangely plausible eccentrics, the story never slips into a straight-down-the-line conventional trajectory, and the assorted unexpected plot complications keep the viewer totally off-guard throughout. Additional kudos are in order for the uniformly on-the-money cast: Priestley, Williams, Loggia and especially Riegert are all outstanding, with spot-on supporting work by the ever-charming Jeneane Garofalo as a sweet-hearted hooker and Michael J. Fox as a weaselly accountant. Idiosyncratic and original, "Coldblooded" qualifies as one of the most undeservedly neglected and unheralded off-center indie sleepers from the 90's.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison9 / 10

An unexpected delight.

With so many over-hyped major releases of recent years proving to be bitter disappointments, it's a real treat when I get to watch an older, lesser-known film with no expectations and am blown away by what I see. Director Wallace Wolodarsky's Coldblooded is such a film.

Jason Priestley (of Beverley Hills 90210 fame) plays Cosmo, a socially inept loner working as a bookie for an organised crime syndicate, who unwillingly becomes a hit-man when his gangster boss makes him an offer he can't refuse. After being sent to work alongside seasoned gunman Steve (Peter Riegert),in order to learn the ropes, Cosmo discovers that he is a natural when it comes to dishing out death.

Completely ruthless, quick thinking, and a great shot, he takes to the job like a duck to water, but also finds that wasting people for a living is rather stressful. In order to try and relax, he begins yoga, and soon falls for the pretty teacher who takes his class. But is it possible for him to continue in his line of work and be in love at the same time?

A quirky blend of dark humour and extreme violence, Coldblooded is a delight from start to finish. Priestly excels as Cosmo, a character that you cannot help but like, despite his monstrous ability to shoot complete strangers without skipping a heartbeat. The young killer's deadpan expression and bizarre mannerisms suggest that his mind functions in a manner different to most—his perception of right and wrong is certainly severely distorted—and whilst this doesn't excuse the fact that he is a brutal murderer, it makes his actions little easier to understand and, perhaps, even forgive.

The smart script, also by Wolodarsky, brims with offbeat moments, great incidental characters, and inky black comedy, and his talented cast (which includes great turns by Robert Loggia, as Cosmo's boss, and Kimberly Williams as his girlfriend, plus fine cameos from Janeane Garofolo and Michael J. Fox) don't put a foot wrong, delivering some truly excellent performances.

If you too are weary of overblown summer blockbusters that don't live up to the hype, track down this little gem of a movie to be reminded how good cinema can be when it's done right.

Reviewed by merklekranz7 / 10

Cold blooded black comedy

Take one very introverted bookmaker and transform him into a highly successful hit-man. Now add an attractive yoga instructor to the mix and you have a talented killer in love. Though he clearly enjoys his work, he has no clue about relationships. This off-beat scenario easily drives "Cold Blooded" into black comedy territory. With sharp dialog, and fine acting from Jason Priestly, Kimberly Williams, Peter Riegert, and Robert Loggia, this is a must see for admirers of dark humor. The clever script is never boring, but is unpredictable and charming in a perverse sort of way. There is no DVD, but I highly recommend seeking out a VHS copy. - MERK

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