Code of Silence



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Stephen Moyer Photo
Stephen Moyer as Detective Nipper Read
Alec Newman Photo
Alec Newman as Wright
Michael Higgs Photo
Michael Higgs as Du Rose
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Andrew Tiernan as Peter Brodie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisday-303126 / 10

Different angle

A reasonable watch if you are interested in the krays and there era. This film tells shows us events from nippers view which is different to the usual Kray films but works nicely.

Low budget but to be honest was not a deal breaker Worth a watch if you have a few hours free.

Reviewed by supermellowcali6 / 10

Had more potential

I thought this was a pretty good story, well produced with excellent acting from a top cast. It seemed a bit dragged out and missed an opportunity for a much more exciting ending by describing it instead of showing the consummation, which would have been extremely angry twins going into prison. Oh well, otherwise well done.

Reviewed by martinwestlake-927696 / 10

Realism on a tight budget.

There's a lot of chat these days about the Kray twins. They were hard men, the fans will say, but fair. And above all they loved their mum. What tends to be less emphasised or sometimes glorified is that they were vicious criminals who stopped at nothing. Without the implacable efforts of a few good men things would have been a lot worse.

The film centres on the efforts of the good guys who brought them to their just desserts in an era when police work relied on brains, intuition and sweat, and the bad guys toted shotguns. Not a computer in sight, just mounds of paper. The director tries to portray an unromantic snapshot of the nasty side of life - with success. You won't find many flirtations with sixties nostalgia here. Not even a Mary Quant hairdo.

The villains have a suitably classic Jag while the detectives make do with a decent-looking Morris Traveller. But that's it for the props department. The entire location for the shoot appears to have been a derelict factory in the less-fashionable end of Pontefract. A framing shot or two of some of the more memorable bits of the East End would have been good. It could have been a bit more 'The Ipcress File'.

Stephen Moyer actually looks remarkably like the real-life Nipper Read, and carries the role well. Ronan Summers portrays the callous nature of the Kray twins with chutzpah. However little work seems to have been done to emphasise the differences in their character. Personally, I felt the psychological attack on Read by the twins to have been a little overplayed, and Read appears overwhelmed by it. I imagine that he would have experienced something closer to contempt at any such diatribe. Certainly, I doubt Read was the sometimes easily vulnerable shrinking violet of Moyer's character.

There is a dearth of films made on a nothing-budget by talented but impoverished film companies these days, and this is one of the better ones. By their nature, a focus on character is essential since the fairground-ride effects of most current headline productions are far beyond the ambitions of the not-yet notable director. Still, this sort of thing regularly attracts large audiences at the Globe theatre. And with that in mind, this script would transpose well to the stage. I liked it.

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