Cocoon: The Return


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Courteney Cox as Sara
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Steve Guttenberg as Jack Bonner
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Jack Gilford as Bernard 'Bernie' Lefkowitz
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Wilford Brimley as Benjamin 'Ben' Luckett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Journey to home

Really like the first 'Cocoon'. Don't love it and it wasn't without occasional flaws, but it was warm, funny and touching that looked great with a lovely James Horner score with a delightful older cast. Decided to see 'Cocoon: The Return', despite being prepared to be disappointed on the basis of what had been said about it.

Actually didn't find 'Cocoon: The Return' to be that bad all things considered, was definitely expecting something far worse. It is nowhere near as good as the first and one does question its point, despite being nowhere near close to being one of the worst sequels ever it is one of the ones that was not needed. Having said that, 'Cocoon: The Return' is not without its moments and good points amidst all the major problems it has.

Its selling point is that the original cast return and it is the acting (or at least most of it) that saves it. Most are quite wonderful, the sass and distinguished air as well as the likeability are still present, with the best coming from touching turns from Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn and Don Ameche still has the spring in his step. The film looks good enough, with some skilful photography in particular that has style and polish and the effects aren't overused, abused or stick out like a sore thumb.

James Horner's score is lush and not too sweeping or syrupy. There are some genuinely sweet and poignant moments, those involving Joe and Alma did make me well up. Although underused and not consistent with the first film, the sci-fi element intrigues somewhat.

However, the direction is nowhere near as focused or polished here, at best it's uninspired. Ron Howard's absence is noted and deeply felt. The story does have moments, but there was a much better balance of humour and drama before. Whereas 'Cocoon' managed to be emotionally impactful while not wallowing too much in the sentimentality, 'Cocoon: The Return' is caked in it and it does become mawkish and just lacks the necessary warmth and whimsy. Not enough is done with some of the too many subplots, the grandson/grandfather relationship should have been delved into more and was actually lacking in warmth.

Others didn't serve much point and parts did veer on distaste, the whole suicide thing as mentioned being treated in a comedic way does a real disservice to something so serious. The script has moments of warmth but too much of it is rather glum and resigned and too reliant on melodrama. Tahnee Welch is somewhat robotic and Steve Guttenberg is just irritating and his character could easily have been left out.

Concluding, worth a one time watch but a disappointment both as a sequel and on its own. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

It was a round trip

The old folks who left earth with the Antareans in Cocoon have decided to return with an Antarean mission to rescue another cocoon. The six couples from the previous film have three days to do their visiting with old friends and family.

As for the Antareans Courtney Cox looks up Steve Guttenberg who was so helpful in the last film that she's sure he'll be willing again. For a redblooded male like Guttenberg, Cox could convince me. But they're too late the cocoon has been taken from the ocean floor and a scientific institute has it now and they are sawing it open to get the living thing they saw with x-ray.

The first Cocoon movie was a wonderful fantasy that worked on our imaginations. The second is entertaining, but sadly comes off as a routine science fiction. And you better have watched the first because you won't understand the sequel.

Best in this film is Jack Gilford who stayed behind when the rest of his 60+ something friends went. He's still the same whiner and complainer, but there's an endearing quality to him.

I think most will like Cocoon: The Return. But leftovers aren't as good as the first meal.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

nice to see the legends together one last time

Bernie Lefkowitz is alone at the senior home. He misses Rose and even tries to commit suicide. Jack Bonner is running his cheesy glass-bottom boat tours. Ben Luckett contacts his grandson David about returning. The Antareans are returning to Earth to retrieve their left-behind endangered cocoons. Ben and Mary, Art and Bess Selwyn, Joe and Alma Finley have also returned with their alien friends. Kitty reignites the old feelings from Jack. Scientists from the St. Petersburg Oceanographic Institute have discovered one of the cocoons. Lead scientist Sara does an MRI and discovers the alien within. They open the cocoon. Soon the military is involved and a rescue is planned.

This sequel is almost entirely unnecessary. The biggest positive is that it got these legends back together for a final outing. There are some weird stuff going on and the characters are mostly split into two groups. The seniors are basically left to their own story. It starts with making Bernie's suicide attempt a joke. There is the weird senior pregnancy. Of course, there is the senior Space Jam and the alien drunken energy ball. Any comedy comes with a good dose of awkwardness. I certainly understand the studio green-lighting this and the old-timers get to return for some fun. It simply needs a better script and a better director to make this work. The original doesn't demand a sequel and this is not a good one.

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