Clay's Redemption


Action / Fantasy / Thriller

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Akie Kotabe as Clay
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Daniel Stisen as J.B. Priest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelmckenna-335661 / 10

This is Soo bad I don't know where to begin

Do not watch. It's that bad. Honestly, I have never ever seen a film as bad as this. Turned it off after 15 minutes. Everyone involved should be ashamed.

Reviewed by colinjamesbruce-392662 / 10

Statuesque acting - imagine watching a low budget foreign b movie

Except main character, acting lame, no connections! - Imagine being in a group of people, all who are really uninteresting which makes you stop listening to them within the minute - this film is that so if you fancy putting yourself through 75 mins of such a scenario watch away.... Script, acting, music, filming all leaves a lot to desire - Just not interesting. + Who ever rated this anything higher than 6 is absolutely connected to the production or was locked up for 45years, unaware what modern TV standards are and spent 45 yrs deliriously dreaming to watch a program, of any kind

Reviewed by becwll9 / 10

Pretty awesome lo-budget b-movie!

Let's start with the positives, Akie as Clay (the main character) is just outstanding altho in general I was more engaged with the "villains": Joe Wredden as Johnson reminded me a bit of Sherlock (the series),Elsa Nori as Oona is obviously on her element, Patrick Carroll Jr. is clearly having fun with his character Mercurio and Magdalena as Learza is just a delight to watch.

I don't give it a 10 as I know it's an arthouse b-movie, still feels a bit too short and I wouldn't have minded if we knew more about the characters, so it works more like a TV pilot than a movie, still, it's something I would really like to see. Also, it took me a second viewing to understand the whole thing a bit more, not sure if this will going down well with the short attention spam audiences.

Saying that, the pace is great, the music is awesome and the world Carlos created is atmospheric and fascinating. Clay's Redemption treats the audience with respect, so it doesn't drown you with exposition (some people will have trouble with this though) and it did remind me of Carpenter's They Live (one of my very favourite films) so I'm happy this classic way of filmmaking is making a come back.

Loved it, recommended it!

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