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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-37 / 10

Exceptional and sadly forgotten

Calaudine (Diahann Carroll) is 36, unmarried and has six children and is trying to raise them all on welfare. Garbage truck guy Roop (James Earl Jones) starts romancing her. Her kids don't trust him and she doesn't trust herself. This movie chronicles how she deals with her relationship with Roop and how to deal with her six kids--two who are teenagers and starting to fight back.

I've never even HEARD of this movie until FXM showed it one night. It seems to have disappeared and that's too bad. It's easily got to be one of the most honest and accurate portrayals about growing up poor and black in the city. I'm not black but I've read books on the subject and had some friends who lived like this and this movie hits the subjects right on. Also this is one of the few movies where the kids act and talk like kids--not like little adults. The language is strong (there's plenty of casual swearing and sex talk) but that's how people act and talk. Also this film doesn't shrink from Claudine and Roop having sex--it presents it in a matter of fact way. The script is OK but tries to cover all the bases of being poor and struggling with kids--that's WAY too much for one movie. Also it seems to pile one disaster after another on Claudine. It's gets to be overkill. I also didn't buy the happy shots during the closing credits. Still this is an exceptional movie that seems to have fallen between the cracks. The acting is great--Carroll and Jones are so young and full of life and energy. Carroll was nominated for an Oscar for this film. Also, among her kids, is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who went on the star in the TV series "Welcome Back Kotter".

I do have to point out that the language is STRONG in this one and it has flashes of nudity (female). It wouldn't get a PG today--it would get an R. Still it's just being honest and there's nothing wrong with that!

Reviewed by pc957 / 10

Old but you can dig it.....

Caught this recently after noticing James Earl Jones name on the title. It was better than I expected. Of course it's pretty old - made during the early/mid 70's but it actually is a decent drama. It runs a quick 90min or so and showcases good performances from James Earl Jones and Diahann Caroll. The plot is conventional in general but told through the perspective of a single black woman on welfare who has 6 children and trying to deal with all the problems that persist. This makes for an interesting view.....also in the fact that the script wasn't too sentimental or overdramatized - it's almost like looking at a slice of the past. All the 70's styles are out in abundance. The ending is kind of kooky though....probably would've done better without the theatrics.

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

A worthy catch

Claudine is a wonderful film about a black mother with six kids trying to make it on public assistance and some off the books work as a domestic. While on her job she runs into sanitation worker James Earl Jones who is a free spirit of sorts and they go on a date. It's love but will the kids accept him?

One thing for certain that was not mentioned is the fact that Jones is a city worker with all the benefits including medical that brings. He's one worthy catch.

Diahann Carroll is in the title role which got her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. She hits all the right notes in her performance and she has great chemistry with James Earl Jones.

Claudine has quite a critique of the welfare system. Elisa Loti scores well in the role of Carroll's case worker. You really go through hoops for that assistance and seeing Loti go in to 'inspect' Carroll's dwelling criminals have more rights.

Also note Laurence Hilton-Jacobs in his role as Carroll's oldest. Quite a different character than we saw on Welcome Back Kotter back in the day.

Claudine as a film comes highly recommended by me.

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