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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevin_robbins4 / 10

Evil Groot

Children of the Corn (2020) is a movie my wife and I caught in theatres this evening. The storyline follows a small Midwestern town whose crops aren't producing and the townspeople are ready to enroll in a government program and destroys their land. The kids don't agree and take drastic measures to change their minds.

This movie is written and directed by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) and stars Elena Kampouris (My Big Fat Greek Wedding II),Kate Moyer (The Handmaid's Tale),Callan Mulvey (Batman vs Superman),Bruce Spence (The Road Warrior: Mad Max 2) and Alyla Browne (Nine Perfect Strangers).

This movie reminded me a little of the Evil Dead remake where they switched up characteristics from the first film and some of the concepts worked but most of them didn't. The storyline is essentially a modern prequel to the original with a few twists on the original characters. We also get to see "He who walks behind the rows," aka Evil Groot. The child acting in this is better than the adults. There's a vote scene in this that's awful. The acting by the main character, Kampouris, was painful; however, Kate Moyer killed it as Eden. Every scene she's in is unpredictable and she nailed the mannerisms. Every jail scene in this is a 10/10. I really enjoyed the kill sequence, both by the people and "He who walks behind the rows." I didn't mind the CGI, though I usually do in the horror genre, though I wish "He who walks behind the rows" was a bit more menacing, like the creature at the end of Smile.

Overall, this is an uneven horror movie with some worthwhile kill scenes. I would score this a 4/10 and recommend seeing it once.

Reviewed by ykjdh7 / 10

Not the story I remember but I'll admit I did like it

The original story by Stephen king was different than even the 1984 movie that I grew up watching. A lot of liberties have been taken with this story which is why I suggest reading it for yourself and coming up with your own opinion. The TV movie that came out after the movie on SyFy was the closest I've seen to the original story.

This new version takes quite a few liberties with the classic story. First, the events leading up to the adult massacre are told from a prequel standpoint. Nothing has happened yet but the kids are starting to arrive to where King's story picks up at. Second, the antagonist is a young girl who leads the pack of psycho kids. Third, our hero is a high school school student and not some adult or even the Blue man from the 1984 movie.

The movie relies heavily on the turmoil relationship kids have with their parents. They become alienated by the adults who are supposed to care for them. So they turn to a young girl who begins to convince the kids it's time for them to rise up and slaughter them. After all, if you can't find love in your own family home then beware of those who will manipulate children into finding love somewhere else.

I'll admit, it's not perfect but I did enjoy this interpretation. The retelling or reimagined storyline may turn off some folks but it's not as bad as people may think. There's character development here as to what builds into the events of the actual story we know and remember. Stanley Kubrick revisioned Shining with characters, I see the same thing happening here with this version of children of the corn.

Reviewed by bigbadbassface2 / 10

Really really bad. "Insanity...I mean, just so insane"

Don't even know where to start on this movie. I remember reading the guys from Riff Trax said they could never do 50 Shades of Grey because it was already so ridiculous and laughable on its own. This movie is like that.

Nothing makes sense, and I mean nothing. The adults never fight back in any way whatsoever. The logistics of how anything at all is done is never shown. I love horror so am an expert at suspending disbelief, but this was to another level of illogical.

No character is likable and the storyline is basically nonexistent. I already had my expectations set really low and this was even worse than I thought it might be. At least I figured I'd get a couple laughs but there is nothing.

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