2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright70%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinebaboso3 / 10

glib, empty.

I feel this movie is overhyped by the people because of it's fake deepness, it doesn't have anything but a "reality" so it's just full of homophobic remarks and the writer spitting "hey this is wrong by the way". The decisions the main character takes are ridiculous constantly and they don't have normal consequences, it always works out some way. Every image is beautiful but it lacks of a good writing. By the way, the actors actually do the best they can, but there's no saving for the script. Summary: Empty and beautiful

Reviewed by moralesrules8 / 10


Skimming through the reviews, I noticed that a common critic consists on portraying the characters as "too dumb". Unfortunately, the representation is accurate and many people in CDMX (as in any city in which ignorance and poverty prevail) do think in such primary ways. The movie is built on a metaphor: axolotls ("water monster" in nahuatl, prehispanic tongue) which are salamanders endemic to CDMX that never fully develop and remain tadpoles, even as adults, for the rest of their lives. Axolotls are often seen throughout the movie: (a) inside the fishbowl of the main character's (Cagalera) girlfriend, and (b) outside the canteen, as graphity, before Cagalera enters the canteen and is beaten by his "dad". Some say we Mexicans are like axolotls: we have the potential to develop and finally mature as a nation, but never achieve to do so. Just like axolotls, we perpetually stay behind our true potential. We are no more than perpetual tadpoles. The movie tries to address this issue. As long as ignorance, violence, retaliation, machismo, homophobia, and similar problems portrayed in the movie prevail, no progress will be ever achieved.

Reviewed by DogePelis20157 / 10

Problems in modern Mexico

A good movie, with a dramatic plot and excellent performances; I recommend it.

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