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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Biswas_1 / 10

Boring done to death treatment made for classroom veiwing

We have now entered into an era when people only love or prefer watching films that are interesting or high on mass masala. Chhatriwali is neither interesting nor any mass masala. It is basically a social message film made to spread awareness on condoms , a topic that was already covered last year through Janhit Me Jaari.

It follows the exact same path as Janhit me jaari, a girl gets a job in Condom factory and now she has to hide it from her conservative family while trying to promote use of condoms .

The difference is the humor part. Chhatriwali has absolutely no humor while attempting at trying to make you laugh with it's even worse dialogues. This makes an already uninteresting topic a bore to watch , so much so that, atleast I , half of the time kept scrolling through FB memes and 2 hrs runtime felt like 4 hrs . Atleast Janhit me Jaari made the veiwing experience a bit more interesting with its witty humor. Chhatriwali is a boring done to death film.

Some sequences also felt so awkward. I don't know if any school has any teacher that literally asks the girl students to leave the classroom as he teaches reproduction chapter to the boys. Then , in a sequence in the beginning, Sumit offers a seat to Rakul and Rakul assumes that be flirting!! Like wheres the sense? She calls herself a chemistry graduate educated lady but doesn't have the slightest knowledge to differentiate between flirting and generosity??

Dialogues as i mentioned before are horrible. Some of them felt like some beginner has written them. Everything in this film has been given that cliched treatment with no novelty. Men will stare when a woman joins a condom factory, families will stare when they hear the word condom, people shown still struggling to speak out "condom" while buying one from a shop, all these are cliches already used before in millions of such films.

Performance wise everyone is average.

Songs are there and none are good and are forgettable.

Overall, a film to be shown in classrooms and tribal centres to spread awareness. Others expecting some time pass or interesting watch, stay away.

Reviewed by Raj_Erudition3 / 10

Common sense is missing

Chhatriwali is missing basic ideas of contraception.

This movie is missing common ideas and showing miss pretension about society. This movie is emphasizing on use of condoms ahead of contraceptive pills which is not bad at all but there are other contraceptive methods such as copper T, tubectomy or vasectomy etc.

Anyways, nothing is new about this movie and story telling is poor.

All the actors worked hard in this movie. Rakul preet singh is excellent and Sumeet Vyas has small work to do which he did well.

Some of the dialogues are funny to watch and some are quite annoying. Director tried to make it simple but it turned out to be boredom.

Reviewed by naveenkrishnanh3 / 10


Another misjuided social commentary - though meant to give messages on safe sex, only ends up misleading the public !

Condoms are good for safe sex and contraception pills does have issues - but here also the film does not talk about the full contraception options !

In the case here the optimal solution for the sister-in-law and / or brother in law like Vasectomy or Fallopian Tube tying (since they have completed their family long back) is not mentioned let alone suggested.

Also there are spermicide gels, female condoms etc. Which are also ignored completely !

Condoms are not the best form of contraception ! They are just one of the cheap options - but they are not infallable, good ones are costly, cause environment issues (construction of condoms are not at all green and they cause non degrading and non re-usable hazardous waste )

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