Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imseeg10 / 10

10 stars, because this legend, named John Coltrane was ( and still is ) PHENOMENAL. One of a kind. MUST BE HEARD....

10 stars, merely to describe the importance of this unique and legendary saxophone player, who created some of the most wonderfully, gorgeous and phenomenal sounds in jazz history!

JOHN COLTRANE is the MAN. History should honor him. Youngsters unfamiliar with any sounds from this era in which jazz ruled the sonic waves during the fifties and sixties, should encounter and immerse themselves FULLY with this soulful SPIRIT of jazz.

I came to know of him through Miles Davis. No matter which way one gets to know of John Coltrane though, it will be the right way :)

Denzel Washington is narrating this documentary, with many former jazz collegues and family members remembering John Coltrane's journey to becoming one of THE most important saxophone players having to have walked this very earth.

Not having heard John Coltrane play jazz, is equal to not having lived fully! That is, if you are into jazz or into music. Full stop.

Reviewed by dromasca7 / 10

sound of life

A revolution took place by the mid of the 20th century in American and world music. Jazz, which was until then music for mostly dance and mass entertainment split its ways into several distinct currents, giving birth to rock and roll, to soul, to rhythm and blues. Yes, I know this presentation is quite a simplistic view, but at that time, while other genres were taking up in entertainment dominating the hit parades, radio programs and TV shows, jazz itself evolved to a much more sophisticated form of expression. A bunch of post-WWII jazz musicians changed and developed the sound of jazz making and blew up its boundaries. Among them, together with Charlie Parker and Miles Davies, one of the most important was John Coltrane. "Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary" is dedicated to his life, music and legacy. These exceptional artists toured the world and made of jazz a universal art and one of the greatest contributions of America to the culture of the world.

The documentary written and directed by John Scheinfeld is built on a pattern used by many musical documentary films. It follows closely the life and biography of the artists, uses images filmed and recorded in concerts to illustrate his music, gathers testimonies from family, from jazz fans and experts, from the artists who worked with Coltrane and who came later and were influenced by him. Family members tell about the man he was (moving testimonies by his two step-daughters) and his personal life not avoiding the crisis related to drugs and faith. Musicians who played with him or who came after him talk about his music, and this was the part I valued most (including people like Sonny Rollins, Wynton Marsalis, McCoy Tyner, John Densmore, Carlos Santana). An interesting segments speaks about his tour to Japan (his last) and the special relationship he had with this country. Coltrane seems to not have left any filmed interview, or the makers of this film did not have access to it, but he left quite a lot of memorable quotes and written stories about his life and music, which are read by Denzel Washington. The actor (who does not appear in the film) bears actually an amazing physical resemblance with Coltrane, so if there ever (or soon) will be a feature film about him, he is the best candidate for the lead role. It is music however that speaks best, and if you have the chance to watch this film and listen to the soundtrack in a cinema with good audio conditions, it will be a win. It's not a ground-shaking documentary film, but it's a complete and respectful homage to one of the greatest musicians in history, a man who in a rather short life and career changed the course of music taking it into new territories.

Reviewed by masonfisk6 / 10


A standard doc on jazz great John Coltrane that pretty much covers what it can since the man died relatively young & he had so much more to give us but what he did give us is awe-inspiring. We have a lot of heavy talent on screen waxing nostalgic about Coltrane from Dr. Cornel West, former president Bill Clinton, Sonny Rollins & of all people Denzel Washington voicing Coltrane's words but the film still has an annoying been there, done that feel which it shouldn't given the subject matter. Not bad but could be better.

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