Centipede Horror

1982 [CN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison5 / 10

Centipede Horror: a horror film with centipedes.

Reading the other comments for this film here on IMDb, one might be forgiven for being a bit confused.

Some people claim that this is one of the vilest pieces of filth ever committed to celluloid and only the sick and depraved would be able to (or want to) sit through it in its entirety. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Other comments describe scenes of torture, abortions, real animal killings, castration, decapitation, mutilation, and humiliation. God only knows what film they were watching, but it sure wasn't Keith Li's Centipede Horror.

However, select 'prolific authors' in the comment filter, and you get a much more accurate account of the film (thank you EVOL666 and HumanoidOfFlesh for your always reliable contributions).

Centipede Horror is actually a fairly hum-drum serving of HK supernatural horror that is enlivened occasionally by some silly black magic mumbo-jumbo and a spot of creepy-crawly nastiness for all those afraid of many-legged mini-beasts.

The film begins with a young woman and her friend travelling to SE Asia where they are bitten by poisonous centipedes, which ultimately cause their deaths. The brother of one of the girls decides to investigate his sibling's strange demise, and discovers that his sister was the victim of a spell, placed on her by a magician seeking revenge for a terrible act perpetrated by their long-dead grandfather. And now he's after the brother too! The first 40 minutes of this film is almost coma inducing, and only the most committed of horror fans will make it past this point. Those that do will then be treated to an entertaining 'exorcism' involving a naked woman with a green stomach, two ghost children, and some yucky bugs.

From this point on, things thankfully get more interesting, until the effective finalé which features loads of scuttling critters and a wonderful closing moment which is guaranteed to make you gag: a woman graphically throws up several large centipedes!!!

Reviewed by The_Void4 / 10

Dull Hong Kong Horror

I'd heard some really bad things about this film before going into it; but decided to see it anyway simply because it sounded like it could be good; and since Centipedes are one of the most horrific creatures alive, the film had quite a good chance. The people that have seen this film seem to be divided into two camps; some say it's disgusting and disturbing, while others say it's boring - almost like they've seen two different films! Unfortunately, I saw the boring one. The plot focuses on a wizard who decides to take revenge against a young girl who is wearing a necklace that apparently belonged to some old adversary. He takes revenge by having her cough up a load of centipedes, and after her death; her brother decides to investigate. I'm not all that well versed in Asian cinema, but I gather this is a part of some vomiting sub-genre; and that's a sub-genre I can't see myself seeing much more of. The only real disturbing scenes in the film are the ones that involve people vomiting centipedes; and once you've seen it, you don't really need to see it again. The plot is frankly dull, meaning the film has little in the way of interest or value. Centipede Horror is a rather rare film, and as such I would advise most people to do what they would do with actual centipedes; stay well away.

Reviewed by clenchedbrain7 / 10

What is going on here!?

There are at least 3 different films being reviewed here! Some guy is reviewing 'Begotten', a majority of people are reviewing The Most Disturbing Film In The Universe (which I thought I was downloading after scanning a couple of the reviews),and a sanity-restoring few are reviewing the flick I just saw. A nice 80s Hong Kong black magic romp, with some gross out live centipede barfing at the end nicely rounding things off. It may not have been the disturbing nightmare I was anticipating, but this altogether different prospect was highly enjoyable, I thought, if pretty standard fare. Also of note, there is a great bit of moody 80s synthesizer work in here, which sounds awfully familiar to something from El-p's 'Fantastic Damage' album! OK, after some more digging, I think some people are reviewing Takashi Miike's segment of Masters Of Horror, called 'Imprint'. Others are reviewing 'Cutting Moments'. However, there is still one that is eluding me, which appears to be a HK 80s horror: wizards, decapitation, transformation etc. What the hell is this film?

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