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neo-noirdrifterfish market

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

A Cruel and Tense Low-Budget Drama With Lust, Betrayal, Selfishness, Greed and Jealousy in Right Doses

Nick (Aire Verveen),a young Irish starving drifter, is helped by Joe (Edward James Olmos),the owner of a small fish market in New Jersey, and his wife Betty (Maria Conchita Alonso). They feed and bring him home, to work with Joe in the fish market. They also offer lodging for a period in the room of their son Danny (Steven Schub),who moved to Hollywood, looking for success as a performer and actor. Nick is treated like a son, working in the store and learning how to trade and handle with fishes. Pretty soon, he becomes Joe's best friend. Meanwhile, a huge company makes an offer for buying Joe's establishment, but he refuses the offer. Betty seduces Nick and they become lovers. The cuckold Joe trusts in Nick and cannot imagine the affair between Betty and Nick. Betty asks Nick to convince Joe to sell the fish market to improve their lives and Joe decides to accept the offer of US$ 750,000.00. The relationship of Joe's family changes when Danny returns home, with his wife and son. The selfish Danny, full of jealousy and greed, begins a game of intriguing, ending in a very tragic way. This film is the proof that a low-budget movie may work, since supported by a good screenplay and excellent casting. A very credible and cruel story, with an amoral and realistic end, not indicated for romantic viewers. My vote is seven.

Reviewed by =G=8 / 10

An under-rated near masterpiece indie.

"Caught" is a tight, ensemble drama which does something few films can do. It offers solid character development and explores the range of human emotion while telling a story with real depth and fidelity. Perfectly cast and executed, "Caught" peers into the lives of a middle aged couple who own a NYC fish market as a hired man becomes more than just a friend displacing their wayward adult son by day, the work-a-day husband by night, and acts as a catalyst for some compelling situations and performances. An excellent watch for mature audiences into psychodramas sans Tinseltown's usual hype and glitz.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby7 / 10

One reviewer rightly said that this movie stays with u aft viewing.

I first saw this in the early 2k on a tv channel Sony Pix. The version which was aired was heavily cut inspite of being aired at wee hours.

Revisited the uncut version recently.

Was on my radar for a long time to revisit it as i found it to be very different from the regular erotic thrillers.

This one starts off like an erotic thriller but culminates in a sad tragedy.

Everyone gave memorable performances.

Steven Schub looked like a poor man's Joaquin Phoenix.

It is more of a drama with some sexuality n eroticism but dont expect any suspense.

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