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Tom Hanks as Woody Car
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Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks
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Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear Car
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Paul Newman as Doc Hudson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by randomStuff1018 / 10

Exquisite and fun. Visuals steal the show.

Pixar again shows us their superior skills in 3D animation and to a lesser extent this time, the storytelling. There is so much attention to detail, that you are left gazing at the screen in awe. The 2 hours races by, and afterwards you are left with the satisfaction of having just seen something quite unique and surreal.

It's a kids film of course, so there is little need to point out the predictable story elements - which exist in Cars more so than previous Pixar films such as The Incredibles. Cars is less daring, is safer in its approach. There are no surprising or wild deviations on the fairly straight road the story follows. But nevertheless, it's all very cool stuff, and the story is entertaining enough. Cars is a must see Pixar film - even if the visuals steal the show.

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

The film made a ton of money, it's been merchandised like no other Disney film and it's got a sequel....but I still was not bowled over by this one.

By now, "Cars" is an old film--and I am FINALLY getting around to reviewing it. So much for staying ahead of the curve! But because there are already a ton of reviews, I'll keep this short.

So what did I like about the film? Well, the animation is just unreal-- it's gorgeous from start to finish. It's obvious that John Lasseter is insane for cars and put a ton of effort into this one. GORGEOUS! As for the rest of the film, it's quite good, though I wasn't quite as bowled over by it as some. After all, it now has a sequel, a semi-sequel ("Planes") and some spin-off 'Mater shorts. I don't think the film was THAT good. But it was clearly enjoyable and pleasant throughout. Well worth seeing though I wish that Pixar would stop emphasizing sequels and started work on more originality. I understand why they don't, as it's all about marketing--and they marketed the crap out of this film.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

My least favourite Pixar movie, but I still enjoyed it

Don't get me wrong, Cars is a good movie, it's just that it isn't a great one. Personally I do think it is my least favourite Pixar movie, but there was still a lot I enjoyed. So what were its problems? Well, firstly I felt the narrative was a little too slack and sedate particularly in the middle act. Secondly, while there were some nice jokes, some didn't quite work and the script had its weak spots, could've done with more sophistication. Thirdly, the film's message is a little muddled.

But there is a lot to enjoy. The animation is superb, the backgrounds are beautiful and the character movements are crisp. The film has some really bright and inventive colouring which was a delight to see. The soundtrack is quite exhilarating as well, and the race scenes themselves are like mini-masterpieces of editing.

The characters are at least likable and engaging, Lightening McQueen(a refreshing retread from the dull and flaccid hero),female Porsche Sally(who is really cute) and Doc Hudson(the wise old-timer with a secret past) are the best characters in my opinion.

The voice acting is very well done. Owen Wilson gives a spirited and appealing vocal performance as Lightening, this was really refreshing to see and it really helped that Lightening himself was likable, yes he is cocky and arrogant then again even the best characters ever in film have a flaw or so of some kind. The late talented Paul Newman is a sheer delight as Doc, and Bonnie Hunt is delightful as Sally. Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Keaton, Tony Shalhoub and John Ratzenberger also give solid turns in their roles.

Overall, Cars is my least favourite of the Pixar movies but for the animation and voice acting especially, not to mention the race sequences it is well worth watching. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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