Carry on Cruising


Comedy / Romance

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Kenneth Williams Photo
Kenneth Williams as First Officer Leonard Marjoribanks
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Sidney James as Captain Wellington Crowther
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Liz Fraser as Glad Trimble
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Anton Rodgers as Young Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon7 / 10

A sweet, warm, lighthearted comedy

There's something wonderfully fresh, cheery and bright about Carry on Cruising. 1962 gave us the first Carry on Film in colour, and it does feel different to the early Black and White entries, it's slightly cheekier in a way, we're not talking Carry on Behind, but it does have its moments. For me the addictive element is the diminutive Australian actress Esma Cannon, who is hilarious, a total joy from start to finish, the drunken scene between her and Dilys Laye is side splitting. The usuals are on great form, Sid and Kenny contrast well, it is missing Joan, Charles and Hattie, but there are enough lovely performances to make it enjoyable, Liz Fraser and Dilys Laye in particular are utterly lovely. A nice film for all the family to sit down and enjoy. 7/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca10 / 10

Outstanding comedy

CARRY ON CRUISING is, so far, my favourite of the CARRY ON series. Watching it, this film feels like a natural progression from the earlier black and white entries, retaining the same successful set-piece/gag rate and level of innocent charm that made those first films so endearing.

The cruise ship setting provides the perfect backdrop for the on-board antics of Sid James and co as they muddle their way through a series of increasingly hilarious hijinks. Much of the humour comes from Kenneth Connor's besotted ship's doctor and James's exasperated Captain, while Kenneth Williams lurks on the sidelines as the first officer.

The presence of other notable regulars is missed - there's no Hawtrey, Sims or Jacques here - but the film makes up for it by some alternate engaging casting choices, not least Esma Cannon's delightfully dotty old bat and Lance Percival as the seasick cook.

The success rate of the jokes is high with plenty of memorable moments, not least an impromptu table tennis match which marks the series highlight. Altogether this is a true gem of a comedy, with unforced laughs and a real wittiness to it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird7 / 10

Rudimentary but has its charm

I enjoyed Carry on Carry on Cruising, but I don't consider it one of the better entries. The story is pretty basic, some parts aren't as funny as others and this film could have done with a Barbara Windsor, a Hattie Jaques or a Jim Dale. It looks great though, and the score is nice and quirky. While there is nothing absolutely hilarious, some dialogue is funny and there are some decent gags. The acting is good if nothing more than that. Sidney James and Kenneth Williams are both underused but they do a fine enough job with what they have, though James does appear somewhat more subdued here. Kenneth Connor is amusing here, Liz Fraser is pleasant enough and Dilys Lane is good too. Overall, unexceptional but charming and pretty entertaining. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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