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Sisi Stringer as Grace
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Alexandra Park as Bailey
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Reviewed by steveinadelaide3 / 10

A shallow and forgettable horror flick

CARNIFEX follows three passionate conservationists, Grace (Sisi Stringer),Bailey (Alexandra Park) and Ben (Harry Greenwood),as they venture deep into the Australian outback in hopes of recording evidence of devastation caused by the wildfires. The trio soon discovers a terrifying species - the Carnifex - that has been previously undocumented, and they quickly realize that they are now the ones being tracked.

CARNIFEX is a missed opportunity. Despite a talented cast, the story fails to take off. After a cliched opening of someone being attacked by something unseen, the first half of the movie plods on with boring and stilted dialogue and where little happens apart from the characters peering up into the trees. The documentary maker in the story hardly ever has her camera running and never does when any documentary maker would do so. The acting is unconvincing (although the dog does a decent job),and the story did not have enough suspense to keep me engaged.

The second half of the movie picks up with a couple of intense action sequences, but even then, it feels too formulaic and predictable. The effects work is satisfactory, but nothing stands out.

The bush setting is beautiful but underutilised and left me with little more than a couple of jump scares. The soundtrack also fails to engage, being sparse and lacking in tension.

CARNIFEX is a forgettable horror flick that won't leave you too traumatized or thrilled. It's an adequate timewaster, but uninspiring. If you're looking for a true horror experience, you'd be better off checking out something else.

CARNIFEX is simply a shallow and forgettable movie that doesn't live up to its potential. It boasts beautiful cinematography of the Australian bush but fails to offer anything unique or interesting. It's not worth your time or money.

Reviewed by christieshey19798 / 10


Harry Greenwood is Australia's best kept secret. So is South Australia's film making creative genius. Australia needs more Carnifex. Not since Wolf Creek have we seen something so dramatically different and interesting in Australian film that makes you demand more like this.

The landscape in the film is the main character. The Finchers esque Reznor sound perfectly accompanies Kieran's majestic cinematography and Sean's direction. Sisi and Alexandra are fantastic. Not to forget Darren, Brendan and Holly. It was a total pleasure to watch this film on the big screen - it needs to be seen on the big screen to fully appreciate the extent of the film making process.

Congratulations to all involved.

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