Caddyshack II


Action / Comedy / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten4%
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Dan Aykroyd as Capt. Tom Everett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese5 / 10

Fun, but stupid

After all seeing the very funny movie Caddyshack, I was looking forward to seeing the sequel, but I have to admit that I was nervous because I heard a lot of bad things about Caddyshack 2. I was also reading on the internet how this was voted one of the worst sequels of all time, which is sad. But I wanted to see the movie still, just at least see if it was really that bad. So I rented it anyways and watched it the other night. Now, I agree, this movie is really stupid, but it's a funny stupid that's very light hearted and has a few really good laughs. I know Randy Quaid can be annoying at times, but he really steals the show and his comedy is outrageous. I didn't like how they were trying to replace certain characters from the first film, but I let go and ended up laughing and having fun with Caddyshack 2.

Jack Hartounian is what you might call, "New Money", but he's a very successful in construction and is worth millions. He's a bit out there, personality wise, and dresses a bit crazy, but knows the hard work of the common man. His daughter, Katie, begs him to join a golf club so she could be with the upper class elite. But he makes a fool of himself and wants revenge on those who made fun of him. He buys the club and turns it into an amusement park! But this doesn't stop the elite from trying to tear him down.

Caddyshack 2 is stupid at times, like the gofer, they took the joke a little far. And Dan Aykrod's character, I love Dan so much, but it's like he took on Bill Murray's character from the first Caddyshack and made Dan really annoying. Jackie Mason is a bit out there and can't stand up to Rodney Dangerfield. But Caddyshack 2 still has a few good laughs, I mean, if you couldn't laugh at Randy Quaid and how he delivered his lines, check your funny bones. Caddyshack 2 is a silly movie, but it's all in good fun, but if we are just going to keep comparing to the first movie, then you're not going to have a good time.


Reviewed by videorama-759-8593914 / 10

The old, funny, classic shack, isn't back

Here's another example of a sequel that falls into "the too late, and why bother category". It has one asset: Jackie Mason. He's a classic, and rightfully likable guy, where Bushwood won't accept him, so he retaliates and that he does with personal malice, by planning to knock it down and put up an amusement park. All the magic to the original Caddyshack has gone, save for a couple of original stars, including that notorious gopher who we see more of, in this. Chevy Chase chatting up some hotties, uses some rude, tasteless lines that kind of mirrors how this quality whole movie comes across. Dan Ackroyd, donning a real high squealy voice, comes across as really annoying, a pain in the butt, which is where he gets shot with an poison arrow. Watching Weekend At Bernie's Jonathan Silverman at the start, getting used, by a snotty heartlss bi..h, that has him running many yards to fetch her a soft drink, made me thirsty, which had me thinking later, this scene was pointless and unfunny, although I'll always remember it. Mason and some hotties are really the only things, this movie has going for it, oh, and that gopher. Off by many tees.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Not completely horrible but...

Only Chevy Chase and the gopher are back. The Bushwood country club are getting new electric golf carts and the caddies won't be needed anymore. Jack Hartounian (Jackie Mason) is the inappropriate construction boss with a golfing daughter Kate (Jessica Lundy). He doesn't fit in with the snobby high class members especially since some of them from the historical society want to stop his low income apartment building. The only true friends may be Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) and caddy Harry (Jonathan Silverman).

Rodney Dangerfield doesn't come back and they replace him with Jackie Mason. I respect his old school comedic style. He manages to put some of those jokes in here. I find it endearing at first. Chevy Chase is back but he's just a supporting player anyways. This is Jackie Mason's movie. I don't even know why the gopher is back. It's really just a mascot without Bill Murray. The movie isn't as horrible as one may expect, but the lost of so much comedic power could never be truly replaced. Dan Aykroyd is probably the only one of the new cast who actually gets this sense of humor ostensibly to take over Bill Murray's comedic spirit. One must judge this without the Caddyshack name. Even then, this is a bland comedy.

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