Cabo Blanco


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Romance

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Charles Bronson Photo
Charles Bronson as Giff Hoyt
Denny Miller Photo
Denny Miller as Horst
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Jason Robards as Gunther Beckdorff
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Dominique Sanda as Marie Allesandri
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10

Stilted misfire

A virtual remake of the Bogart classic CASABLANCA with Charles Bronson standing in for Bogie. Of course this turns out to be a totally misguided film despite the exotic Mexican filming locations and the sunny clime. J. Lee Thompson made a lot of good Bronson flicks but this is possibly their worst collaboration, a stilted misfire which just seems 'off' from the outset. The French actress is possibly the most wooden I've seen and all of her scenes are excruciating; the rest veers between tepid and boring, and never engaging.

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

Regular and badly paced USA/Mexican/Spanish coproduction about a variety of shady roles searching for a valuable treasure

An inkeeper : Charles Bronson and an assortment of misfit characters are searching for a nazi treasure with unexpected consequences. This variety of other characters include an ex Nazi officer : Jason Robards , a mysterious French woman : Dominique Sanda , a suspect police chief : Fernando Rey , an adventurer : Simon MacCorkindale , among others .All of them assemble in Peru after WWII and everyone shares a common interest : to find a missing treasure of gold , lost in a ship wreck.

This is an adventure, thriller, suspense movie full of flaws and gaps , dealing with a motley group searching for a Nazi loot sunken off the coast of Peru. The plot sounds familiar as the film results to be a very inferior crossover between Casablanca and The treasure of Sierra Madre , taking parts here and there . Average screenplay by Victor Andres Catena and Jaime Comas Gil with plenty of twists and turns .The main and support cast is frankly excellent though really wasted , giving mediocre interpretations. Bronson plays in his usual wooden style a tough and two-fisted bartender who runs the local watering hole ; Dominique Sanda is a beautiful woman searching for his lover ; Jason Robards plays a nasty Nazi who controls the townsfolk and the police chief well performed by Fernando Rey . Here appears an important plethora of secondary actors as Gilbert Roland , Camila Sparv , Simon MacCorkindale , Clifton James , Anna De Sade and brief appearance by the Spanish Aldo Sambrell . Atmospheric cinematograhy by the Mexican Alex Phillips , being necessary a perfect remastering because of film copy is washed-out. Adequate and sunny scenarios by the expert production designer Jaime Perez Cubero. Evocative musical score by Jerry Goldsmith , but far from his great soundtracks.

The motion picture was regularly directed by J.Lee Thompson . Lee made various Charles Bronson vehicles , both of them got some successes , working in titles as St Ives, White Buffalo , Ten to midnight, Death Wish the crackdown , The evil that men do, Murphy Law , Messenger of death , Kinjite forbidden subjects and this Cabo Blanco . Thompson's greatest hit was Navarone guns as well as MacKenna gold . Rating : 4.5/10 . Mediocre , though the movie will appeal to Charles Bronson fans

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Neat, if atypical Charles Bronson vehicle

Laidback ex-patriot innkeeper Giff Hoyt (a nicely low-key performance by Charles Bronson) runs afoul of nefarious former Nazi Gunther Beckdorff (Jason Robards in fine crusty form) and falls for fetching French femme fatale Marie Claire Allesandri (a charming portrayal by the beauteous Dominique Sanda) while searching for sunken treasure in Peru in 1948.

Director J. Lee Thompson, working from a convoluted and involving script by Mort Fine and Milton S. Gelman, relates the complex and compelling story at a steady pace, ably crafts a brooding film noir atmosphere, offers a flavorsome evocation of the exotic setting, stages the action scenes with skill and flair, and sprinkles in a satisfying smattering of pretty naked ladies for extra trashy good measure. The sturdy acting from the excellent cast helps a whole lot: Fernando Rey as suave, yet corrupt police chief Captain Terredo, Simon MacCorkindale as dashing sailor Lewis Clarkson, Camilla Sparv as washed-up booze-sodden floozy Hera, Gilbert Roland as alcoholic weakling Dr. Rudolfo Ramirez, James Booth as ill-fated diver John Baker, and Denny Miller as brutish flunky Hurst. Moreover, this movie deserves extra praise for being more plot and character driven than your average Bronson action opus. Jerry Goldsmith's zesty score hits the stirring and spirited spot. Alex Phillips Jr.'s sumptuous widescreen cinematography makes invigorating use of a constantly mobile camera. A worthwhile picture.

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