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Reviewed by searchanddestroy-18 / 10

OK slasher

This is not the worst slasher film ever, and also not the best, but it is a very acceptable time waster, though full of clichés. No real surprise but it's worth the money you could have put in it. Yes, a pretty nice slasher, don't be so hard with him, OK? There were millions of films more or less like this one, more or less inspired from Tobe Hopper and his TEXAS CHAINSAW, but it is not a crime, isn'it?

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

Nothing new here...

Well, granted I hadn't even heard about this 2020 horror movie titled "Butchers" before now in 2021 as I had the chance to sit down to watch it. And it being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen was, of course, sufficient enough to make me opt to sit down to watch it.

Turns out that "Butchers" from writers Adrian Langley and Daniel Weissenberger was just another run-of-the-mill movie about a deranged family living in the remote countryside where they prey upon travelers that happen to come by. The family captures, tortures and kills their prey with everything available to them. Yeah, this is something that has been seen dozens of times already in other movies, like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Wrong Turn", etc. And keep in mind, a lot of movies does it better than "Butchers".

Sure, "Butchers" was watchable enough, but for a seasoned horror veteran and gorehound as myself, then "Butchers" just didn't really cut it - pardon the pun. The movie was just too bland and generic. I suppose, if you are new to the horror genre and not familiar with movies like the aforementioned titles, then you might find some enjoyment in this 2020 movie.

The acting in the movie was adequate enough for a movie of this particular subgenre of horror. However, you shouldn't go expecting to see some stellar performances though. You pretty much know what you get from a movie such as "Butchers".

Visually then "Butchers" was actually not too bad. I mean, there is an okay amount of mayhem and gore in the movie. However, again "Butchers" just doesn't step out of the mediocre circle, and everything presented in the movie is something that has been seen in other movies, and often done better in other movies as well.

It should be said, though, that the ending of the movie was actually good. In fact, that was the best part of the movie. I liked the ending, I have to admit that, but it just was too little and too late to make amends for the rest of the movie.

All in all, "Butchers" wasn't an impressive movie from director Adrian Langley. It was watchable, but it was also generic and forgettable. It is hardly a movie that I will be returning to watch a second time, as the movie just doesn't have enough proper contents to support a second viewing.

My rating of "Butchers" settles on a generous four out of ten stars, taking into consideration that the movie isn't really bad, it was just too generic and suffered from being something that had been done countless times before it already.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Waste Not Want Not

Owen (Simon Phillips) and his brother Oswald (Michael Swatton) own a gas station on an isolated road where cars frequently break down. They help out the stranded by killing the men and feeding them to "Ox" and using the women for breeding material.

This is a reoccurring plot in horror/slasher ever since "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The characters are not that exciting or memorable. Just another "me too" to the genre.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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