Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Bill Paxton as Eddie
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Jimmy McNichol as Billy Lynch
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Susan Tyrrell as Cheryl Roberts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rwint6 / 10

Tyrrell, Svenson, and Asher Help Lift This Above the Routine

If you've seen a million cheap 70's/80's horror movies with bodies in the cellar, 'shocking' revelations, and dreary drama interspersed with a few gory killings then you might consider this a notch above the rest. Not that there's anything original about it, but director Asher (whose claim to fame are directing TV sitcoms and those beach party movies) has a good handle on the demented nature of this material. He deliberately paces it only to finally unleash it all for a very twisted and kinetic climax. He also shoots a very well mounted, realistic looking car accident at the beginning. Basically the story concerns a very possessive aunt (Tyrrell) who goes completely over the edge when her 18 year old Billy decides to move out. Seems hard to believe that a kid could be living with someone for 14 years and only when he's ready to leave does he realize what a nut she is. Then again if you have a part for a good looking kid that is dull, simple, and clueless then Jimmy McNichol (you know Kristi's brother) is the perfect person to fill it. Tyrrell is fantastic, but then she always is with these types of roles. Her performance though is almost equaled to that of Bo Svenson. His brash, gruff, unorthodox investigator character becomes almost as frightening as hers. Great chance to see young Bill Paxton and pre NEWHART Julia Duffy (you even get to see her topless). A real refreshing change of pace here where believe it or not, NONE of the victims are oversexed, screaming teenagers.

Reviewed by Nightman8510 / 10

A shocking and powerful 'lost' film.

The strongest of horror films always seems to be those whose victims are sympathetic and whose villains are mercilessly frightening. Night Warning is a testament to just that!

Young man becomes the unhealthy obsession of his aunt, who raised him, which leads him into a web of madness and murder!

Night Warning is a relatively unknown film, which is a shame because it is a truly effective and fairly original thriller. The story is very intriguing, full of mystery, suspense, and some solid shocks. A big part of the originality factor of this film is the fact that the story dares to explore subjects very rarely touched upon by most genre pictures, such as incest, homosexuality, and the question of what morally right really is. It is a complex and emotionally strong tale, that's gripping in a way that few thrillers ever are.

The excellent cast is another strong feature of this movie. Bo Svenson is solid as a homophobic police detective. A young Jimmy McNichol is touching as an attractive teen desperately trying to have a normal life. The greatest of all though is Susan Tyrrell as one of the most demented villains you'll ever see! Also among the cast is a young Bill Paxton in one of his earliest roles.

Night Warning is a terrific shocker that seems to have been lost over time, but for those seeking a truly jarring genre picture it is well worth finding a copy of!

**** out of ****

Reviewed by drownnnsoda9 / 10

Repression, oppression, and family trauma under horror's most popular guise

The first word that comes to mind when describing "Night Warning" is "sophisticated"—a word I'm using loosely, though this low budget '80s shocker is definitely a cut above most. Susan Tyrrell stars as an overbearing aunt to a teenager, Billy (Jimmy McNichol),whose parents died when he was a child. As Billy nears adulthood, Billy's aunt becomes increasingly neurotic; enough to the point that she stabs a repairman to death in their house when he refuses her sexual advances. Enter a bigoted police detective who believes Billy was responsible for the murder by way of a gay love triangle between the repairman and his basketball coach, and what ensues is nothing short of mayhem.

Unusual in thematic content and character makeup, "Night Warning" (also known as "Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker") is an apt horror-thriller that is probably ten times better than one would expect. Directed by William Asher, a veteran most known for his direction of TV classics such as "I Love Lucy" and "Bewitched," the film has a superior edge over most of its peers in both content and execution.

Solid direction and atmosphere are abundant, while the performances really bring the script to life. Susan Tyrrell is fantastic as the overbearing, sexually-repressed aunt, and Jimmy McNicol plays the "normal teenager" impressively. Bo Svenson is appropriately repugnant as the homophobic and misguided police detective.

Aside from the classy direction, the script is also incredibly interesting in thematics; it's essentially a modern twist on Oedipus Rex, and the execution is fantastic. It's also extremely unusual (and pioneering) for its incorporation of a sympathetic, non-archetypical gay character maligned by circumstances and social bigotry. For 1982, it's definitely far from the standard— daring, in fact— and this alone makes the film a curious and unusual piece of eighties celluloid. That, and, who can't love Susan Tyrrell going on a stark-raving-mad murder spree?

Overall, "Night Warning" is a classy and well-executed horror film-cum-twisted family drama. Asher's direction is great, the special effects are on par, and the performances are glorious, both the understated and the outrageous. Of the slew of horror films from this era, "Night Warning" is an honest depiction of familial trauma, unwavering violence, and social oppression. It juggles its thematics with flair and moodiness, all while maintaining the impressions of a horror picture. Watch for: an early performance from Bill Paxton, and one of the greatest car crash sequences I've ever seen. 9/10.

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