Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright70%
IMDb Rating7.1106844

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Pedro Pascal Photo
Pedro Pascal as Comandante Veracruz
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Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen
Bruce Campbell Photo
Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe
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Kiele Sanchez as Amanda Maples
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld8 / 10

One for the Bruce Campbell fans!

People can moan and shout all they want. Bruce Campbell has charisma. He doesn't have to do anything and he still is likable on the screen. Aside from the simple storyline. Bruce Campbell shows what makes Same Axe such a great character. With all his flaws he is a person you can rely on. No wonder that Michael Weston trusts him. While there aren't many references to the show Burn Notice itself. It does give the fans where they have been craving for from the start. To have a Sam Axe storyline not involving Mike Weston. I think they should do a whole bunch of these. Even if the show would end. Only with much better story lines.Now it is possible that even having charisma is not enough for people to like Bruce Campbell. Well,if that is the case than I think you will have trouble liking this movie. Since the whole movie is build on Bruce.I was skeptic at first. But overall the movie is very entertaining. Forget about the show and it's twists and just soak in a little bit of Bruce.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters10 / 10


What we learned from this movie is that Bruce Campbell can only play one type of character. Fortunately he does it well. You know this is going to be a comedy from the beginning when Campbell as Sam Axe is escorted by two SPs, with serious swagger music, through mis-operating gates and doors. Sam is a Navy Seal. He is not the "kill Bin Laden" type SEAL but the have sex with the admiral's wife (Chandra West) type of SEAL. This lands him on a job in Columbia dressed in camouflage garb designed to hide someone in the middle of the Atlantic.

In Columbia, while looking for terrorists, things take a twist and then another, and another. Kiele Sanchez plays a clinic doctor and was marvelous in her role. And of course what would a Bruce Campbell movie be without a chainsaw? 4 1/2 stars. Acting is not something Bruce Campbell does well, but we love to watch it anyway. The twists is what made the movie humorous.

No F-bombs, no sex, no nudity.

Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews7 / 10


Colombia. A hospital needs protecting. The final mission before he retires to Miami. After it goes wrong, Sam(Campbell, and it is *his* show for sure: charming, goofy, serious when called for) faces an informal inquiry. What happened back there? With framing device securely in place, explaining the narration, we can begin.

Sanchez' charity aid worker is too similar to her infamous Niki, though the snark fits the tone of the franchise. She does end up less frustrating than that. Maybe it's that I've seen both her and Paolo in roles where I don't hate them. Xerxes! Even when they give him nothing to do, he's awesome. And she's solid in A Perfect Getaway, an enjoyable if flawed film. A role not everyone could have handled. A doctor, an angry teen girl, and a few individuals who shouldn't be trusted - good guys and bad alike are compelling. We get nice, big fireball explosions, gunplay, stunt work and more. Guerrilla warfare, strategy in the face of uneven odds, this fits right in. You can go into this blind, though there are great nods for the fans.

There is some bloody violence and disturbing content in this. The DVD comes with several extras. Its full hour and a half commentary track is informational and funny, featuring the star, the director and the show creator. There's 26 minutes of a great Comic Con panel. The Fall of Jeffrey Donovan is an 11 and a half minute joke documentary, as the talent supposedly cracks under the pressure – it's hilarious and easily the single best thing to come out of the production of the picture. The 1 and a half minute deleted scene is fine. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys spy action thrillers, and/or the work of the deeply enjoyable, the one, the only, the Bruce. 7/10

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