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Ryan Reynolds Photo
Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy
Samantha Mathis Photo
Samantha Mathis as Linda Conroy
Stephen Tobolowsky Photo
Stephen Tobolowsky as Alan Davenport
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Erik Palladino as Special Agent Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ethanbresnett7 / 10

A unique and intelligent thriller

I don't think I've seen a film quite like Buried before. It had me hooked from the onset, and built towards a really shocking and thrilling conclusion. I really enjoyed the story and thought that it maintained a great pace, which is vital for a film of this genre. There were maybe a few moments where things drifted off course, but for the most part it was solid.

Ryan Reynolds was great, which is handy considering he was essentially the sole performer in the film. For large parts of the film he had no dialogue, so he brought his A game in terms of his physical performance.

The camera work was very accomplished, managing to capture the claustrophobic environment without limiting the way the film looked.

A very solid and enjoyable thriller. Nothing truly amazing, but very entertaining and intriguing!

Reviewed by grantss8 / 10

Minimalist yet highly original, intriguing and tension-filled

Paul Conroy (played by Ryan Reynolds) awakes to find himself in a wooden box, buried underground. He is a civilian contractor and truck-driver in Iraq. His convoy was ambushed and he was taken captive and buried alive. He has a limited amount of air, giving him a limited time to find a way out. All he has to aid him in this task is his cigarette lighter, a torch, a mobile phone and his will to live.

Minimalist yet highly original, intriguing and tension-filled.

Probably the most minimalist movie ever made. The entire movie is filmed inside a wooden box, a wooden box with one occupant (well, one human occupant...). One actor - Ryan Reynolds - has 100% of the screen time, though there are voices of other actors involved.

Incredibly engrossing and tension-filled. Until the very last moment you don't know how things are going to work out. Director Rodrigo Cortes and writer Chris Sparling keep you on tenterhooks throughout, teasing you with thoughts of one survival option being more likely than the other.

Shows you don't need a big budget to make a great movie.

Reviewed by zalfunk9 / 10


What would you do if you were trapped in a box? A coffin to be more precise. In Iraq. With a mobile phone. Make a few calls. Great premise. Man's inhumanity to man is vividly on display here. Uncomfortable to watch. Uncomfortable to be in the box. Uncomfortable ending. Original and intense.

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