Bungee Jumping of Their Own

2001 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Byung-hun Lee as Seo In-woo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raymond-158 / 10

Love. I agree, is a many-spendoured thing

Being a hopeless romantic, how can I not like this film? Many a young lady has shared my umbrella in a sudden downpour. But that's where the analogy ends. Bungee jumping is not for me.

A Korean student offers the shelter of his umbrella to a young Korean girl and yes! it's love at first sight. Urged on by his school mates he takes the matter further and books into a hotel room. It's hilarious to watch but a calamity for the couple when he gets a bout of nervous hiccoughs!

They promise to love each other forever. Even in death, he says he will find her again. He casts a spell on her. Whenever she thinks of him, her "little pinky" (little finger) will rise.

The rest of the film takes a strange and original twist. What happens next many will not believe possible. I suppose we believe what we want to believe.

Time passes and the student becomes a school teacher, a charming fellow but hiding his sorrow at the loss of his loved one. Never forgetting his promise of eternal love, he begins to imagine her spirit has entered the body of one of his students. He watches him incessantly, lovingly and one day he sees a definite clue. His "little pinky" stands up.

The homosexual element of this film is delicately handled as the handsome teacher and student become lovers.

The ending is beautiful as the lovers hand-in-hand fulfil the wishes of the young Korean girl whose goal in life was to go to New Zealand for a very special purpose.

Yes, this is a film for romantic lovers. I am very sure of that.

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao10 / 10

A Kim Dae Sung film in which bungee jumping becomes a symbol of undying love !!!!

At a time when most South Korean films are full of violence, the making of 'Bungee Jumping of Their Own' comes like a breath of fresh air. It is a different kind of South Korean film which advocates the notion of love at first sight. This idea is reinforced when both protagonists declare that their undying love for each other is entirely due to have experienced love through 'love at first sight'. In this film, director Kim Dae Sung has used all his imagination to ensure that 'Bungee Jumping of Their Own' transforms itself into something more than merely an ordinary romantic film. . The film also makes good use of its reincarnation angle and a discussion about sexuality without being too overt. For this reason, love is celebrated in all its forms. One gets to watch how two lovers watch their love grow over a period of time. Actors Byung-Hun Lee and Eun- Ju Lee reveal their acting prowess at different times as the film depicts two different time periods. Lastly, this film is recommended for those viewers who would like to explore the world of romantic films which has been hitherto dominated by Hollywood films.

Reviewed by Havan_IronOak8 / 10

And Romeo and Juliette thought THEY had problems...

Shy Korean boy meets pretty Korean girl when they share an umbrella in the rain. They finally get together only to have the boy leaving for military service. She's on her way to see him off when she's killed by a bus.

Skip ahead a few years and the boy is now a man teaching in a high school. He becomes convinced that his love has been reincarnated into the body of a 17 year old boy that is his student. What are they to do?

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