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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterp-450-2987166 / 10

A neat little low-budget indie.

Anything buried out there, is meant to stay buried.

"Bullitt County" isn't really an easy film. To be honest, I had to control myself not to give up after half an hour. It wasn't very exciting, so to say. On the contrary. It was painfully slow and meaningless. The story is situated in the 70s as you can see from the colorful printed shirts and the Woodstock-like attributes. A reunion of grown-up school friends who wanted to break the monotonous existence as a responsible citizen. A trip to Kentucky is planned where they're going to recreate a pub crawl past their favorite distilleries. The only person who isn't voluntary participating is Gordie (Mike C. Nelson) who's about to get married. He's being kidnapped, thrown in the suitcase and taken to the destination. Apparently, this is his bachelor party.

It is only when Gordie hears there's a hidden treasure, the "Bullitt Treasure", in these regions, the pace is going up. Apparently, it's a considerable sum of money (profits from illegal moonshining) that the Bullitt family has hidden in the local forests during the Prohibition. At the same time, it turns out that their favorite bar has been taken over and the new owners turned it into a wine bar. So the plan of a boozing trip is pushed aside. Also, Gordie appears to be a recovered alcoholic who has not drunk a drop for 10 years. So nothing prevents them from entering the woods, armed with spades and camping equipment. So they're off on a treasure hunt. Apparently a very cozy venture, which in turn leads to impressions of four aged hippies who, while playing guitar, smoke a few hash cigarettes and consume quite a bit of liquor. Not really fascinating, but there's already this slight feeling that something sinister is coming to the surface. A secret that this close circle of friends has been dragging along for years. And apparently, no one feels the need to bring it up again.

The moment they are invited by a friendly couple to eat something in their cabin, my expectations regarding the film was already low. "Bullitt County" won't be more than a psychological drama in which a cozy getaway leads to emotional outbursts which bring out deeply hidden traumas from the past. And then all of a sudden hell breaks loose. And before I realize it, I am watching a completely different movie. A movie about survival, cheating, blame, and guilt. Slowly it becomes clear that Gordie's emotional backpack gradually got heavier. Not only has he successfully got rid of an alcohol problem. He's also a Vietnam veteran and didn't go through this war completely unscathed. This results in a person plagued by PTSD who can't control himself during confrontations. And then there's an event in the past that weighs the most. It's being revealed through some flashbacks as the film progresses.

Robin (Jenni Melear),Keaton (David McCracken) and Wayne (Napoleon Ryan) were also involved in this incident but apparently processed it. Gordie also blames them for that at a certain moment. The indifference makes him mad. I also noticed that caring about others isn't their strongest side. Who goes on a pub crawl with an ex-alcoholic? What follows is a burst of pent-up frustration that degenerates into a nerve-racking and bloody denouement. Mike C. Nelson plays a terrific role. The way in which Gordie's personality (also thanks to a momentary relapse) changes from a good-natured person with issues into a revenge-taker driven by madness and rage, is simply wonderful to see. A solid piece of acting. The share of Dorothy Lyman and Richard Riehle was short but powerful.

No, "Bullitt County" isn't a memorable movie. And maybe it would have been better to shorten the intro where we meet those four characters. And the number of sudden twists in the story was a bit overwhelming. And have we not seen that one twist in another movie before? Anyway. The film managed to pleasantly surprise me when the second half of the film announced itself. A film about how a pleasant situation can turn quickly and end in a tragedy. "Bullitt County" shows how someone goes through life, marked by guilt feelings and what impact this has on his personality. Despite Gordie's mistakes and aggressive behavior, you still feel compassion for him. In short, a successful low-budget indie. Just the way I like them.

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Reviewed by Wizard-83 / 10

Pretentious and annoying indie thriller

I feel I should first tell potential viewers of this independent film that despite its title, and the Netflix description promising this to be a hard-hitting and action-filled exercise, the movie actually has very limited action or suspense. There's nothing wrong with a movie being that way, as long as it's well made enough, but unfortunately this movie really misses the mark. It's a really slow exercise, for one thing - it takes about 40% of the movie before the characters truly find themselves in big trouble. Up to that point - and for much of the remaining running time after that point - the movie is jam-packed with characters spouting endless pretentious dialogue that sounds nothing like what people would say, even in the movie's 1970s setting. (And there seems to be no reason why the movie was set in the 1970s, by the way.) Towards the end (after there have been several points where linking footage seems to be missing, by the way),there are a couple of twists in the plot, but I was able to predict both of those twists long before they actually unfolded. The movie is well photographed, and there is some amusement with one of the key actors looking remarkably like Art Garfunkel, but otherwise, most viewers will want to put a "bullitt" in the head of the writer/director long before the end credits start rolling.

Reviewed by ops-5253510 / 10

youll have to watch this at least twice

I might fool myself but I thought i'd had it with cupples of friends getting together on a trip for old times sake, but this film turned out to be a bit more than i could phatom in 1 view. there are so many small details and twists like a weird old agathanian story. i might as well say that it may not suit everyone, so that when it was a perfect fit for my bonebroken and lardridden crotch, it took me by surprise

the story are well written,and done real by the acting of Mike C. Nelson , Jenni Melear , David McCracken , Napoleon Ryan with mccracken as director makes this a stunning and gobsmacking experience in the couch.

the authenticity and realfeel of being back in 1977 are so darn well done, and its easy to forget. and when a film fetches you like that its just brilliant. the joy of music and singing are very contagious, and you start feeling pretty envious by the spirit that steams out of this treasure hunting quartet. they say that time flies in good company,and so did i feel when watching bullitt county.

and then starts the transitions that you may figure out will come, but then comes the twists of surprise like a uppercut in 12th round WBA-match and you ask yourself how and when did that happen?, and why didnt i notice that?

so get your rucksack down from the attic,and harnish your bougan-villa tent, and dig yourself into what i recommend as an old grumpy man as brilliant film-making

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