Bruce Almighty


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Annie Wersching as Woman at Party
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Lisa Ann Walter as Debbie
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Jennifer Aniston as Grace Connelly
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Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helpless_dancer8 / 10

Carrey does it again

Well, was Morgan Freeman any more unusual as God than George Burns? This film sure was better than that bore, "Oh, God". I was totally engrossed and LMAO all the way through. Carrey was perfect as the out of sorts anchorman wannabe, and Aniston carried off her part as the frustrated girlfriend in her usual well played performance. I, for one, don't consider her to be either ugly or untalented. I think my favorite scene was when Carrey opened up the file cabinet thinking it could never hold his life history. See if you can spot the file in the cabinet that holds the events of his bathroom humor: I was rolling over this one. Well written and even better played out, this comedy will go down as one of this funnyman's best.

Reviewed by educallejero5 / 10

Ultra predictable, but entertaining

This movie rest in the shoulders of Jim Carrey. There is almost literally nothing more. We see a bit of his life before getting "God's powers" and then the adventure and predictable tale about "thinking well what you wish for", basically. Carrey is not "The Mask" or "Ace Ventura" level of obnoxious, so the movie flows well with mostly dumb jokes, some better than others, and a bunch of actual real written jokes too. Jennifer Anniston is there. It doesn't matter. Steve Carrell has a criminal ultra small role, but he's the best part of the movie regardless. It's a fine comedy with not much more to it than a predictable but well done message

Reviewed by OllieSuave-0077 / 10

Nobody does it better than the Almighty.

Discontented television reporter Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey),on his worst day of his life, rages against God. He responds by appearing in human form (Morgan Freeman) and gives Bruce divine powers, challenging him to take on the big job of being the Almighty.

As the divine-powered Nolan using his new gift, it is actually very hilarious to see him playing tricks on people that annoy him in his life, including the sidesplitting scene where he makes rival reporter Evan Baxter blunder big time on live TV. Makes me wish I have some special powers to counter some of the people that annoyed me to no end.

The film's story also proves that it is not a walk-in-the-park to serve in God's shoes, as he has to listen to all the voices of the people's prayers around him and see what chaotic things actually happen when all people get what they wish for. I think this is cleverly depicted in this movie's solid plot.

Overall, this is one of the better Jim Carrey comedies I've seen, where he is funny, but doesn't go overboard with the slapstick and silliness. Mixing in the humor with some doses of drama, you'll get quite an entertaining movie.

Grade B

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