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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by witra_as7 / 10

Much-needed documentary for #FreeBritney

Much-needed documentary which gave us insights about Britney's problematic conservatorship. Though quite messy at times with too much informations from several perspectives, Erin Lee Carr made strong closure by Britney's wholehearted speech for freedom.

Reviewed by iquine7 / 10

Getting the Deep Dive on the Free Britney Movement

I was dying to learn more about the Free Britney movement....joke....was just curious enough to have it on while multi-tasking. This documentary dramatically reveals the back story, why the conservatorship was established, the trauma it was for Britney and how she was able to free herself. Hope that wasn't a spoiler. LOL. This doc was nicely done with decent creative effort. It has light visual interest for the personal interviews, mixed in some visual graphics to accentuate points along with live footage with or without voiceovers from the interviewees. It obviously took Britney's side but did a good job of humanizing a huge pop star, showing her flaws and her life obstacles. And now I hear she just inked a multi-million dollar book deal. Someone else will have to see how much deeper she gets in the book than this film.

Reviewed by AudioFileZ7 / 10

Extreme Manipulative Measures With An Abusive Use Of The Court System

The documentary Britney vs. Spears is definitely in Britney's defense thus, perhaps, not equally objective. The viewer isn't at all sure what actual events may have led to such an extreme decade and a half conservatorship of Britney Spears. It is vaguely implied she was not competent mentally...though what exactly was the diagnosis and/or reasons for her situation?

What seems at root is her father was very worried about financial things over a caring and healthy relationship with his daughter. He basically made her his livlihood by indenturing her. When you can work your rear-end off in a very demanding job but you have to receive permission to go out for a hamburger I'd say it obvious something very insidiously wrong is going on here.

If I had to guess if she is released from her conservatorship she will thrive. It's questionable if she will ever have any further relationship with her father after hearing her tell a judge he should be jailed. So this is a sad story, yet it has the feel of a survivor's tale that may still be uplifting. For Britany to go through so much she seems much sturdier than the press has painted her. This is quite the interesting story which often stretches one's belief it has taken so long to potentially right.

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