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Reviewed by DoorsofDylan8 / 10

Bring in the fear.

Making a note of the title after reading praise for it in Kim Newman's review, I was pleased to recently have the chance to take the fear out.

Note:Review contains some plot details.

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Unable to see the woods for the trees as they try to break out of the time-loop path, Ciara Bailey and Tad Morari give excellent performances as Rosie and Dan, thanks to each of them delivering the dialogue in a jagged, abrupt manner which emphasis the disintegration of their romantic relationships, that comes under increased pressure from the supernatural chills being threaded into their lives.

Matching the snapping of twigs in the woods with the snapping of Dan and Rosie's relationship, the screenplay by editor/ writer/director Richard Waters wonderfully takes a slow-burn stance to the supernatural Horror encircling the couple, via subtle, little differences the duo initially dismiss as they walk in a loop desperate to find a exit, until it becomes far too late to turn back, and the horror permanently splinters their relationship.

Going to the woods with just a handful of characters, director Waters & cinematographer Rowan Moore encounter a excellent eerie atmosphere, via low-hanging, rolling thunder ground level panning shots, spinning on the simmering paranoia of Rosie and Dan,which shatters to stark, jittering extreme close-ups,as the fear comes out.

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