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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MarcoParzivalRocha4 / 10

Save water and skip this one

Several testimonials, including some from some Hollywood celebrities, about their views and solutions on how to solve the global water crisis.

I never thought I would find a doc. about helping planet Earth and its population bad, until I saw this.

It is an absolute chaos, starting with inconsistencies about what is said by each interlocutor, to gross editing errors, like the images (it is at the level of hearing aid ads or telemarketing about smoothies machines) to the sound and the terrible choice of the soundtrack, but above all, for not giving us anything relevant to retain on such an important subject.

When dairy or meat production industries are not mentioned once, pretty much everything is said about the purpose of this "documentary".

Worth a few points for references to a couple of technologies that in the future may help solving the problem, but not right now.

Reviewed by tonytangney4 / 10

PR feel turn off.

I live in a degraded water region. The Mekong delta, During the rainy season we're fine. During the dry season the mains water is brackish and we rely on rain water harvesting and well water. The problem is man made. Dams for electricity. Bad governance. There is no substitute for good governance and most of the world, first world includd does not have competent government. A flashy slow motion, look at us, we're so good NGO types and a few celebs documentary missed the mark unfortunately.

Reviewed by nlgthunder5 / 10

A lot of wasted potential

I feel as though this documentary was really surface level, spending about 5 minutes on each segment. I would have loved a deep dive into a few of the developments rather than skim through a lot. The old fashioned notion of quality over quantity would have benefited this documentary.

I think this is an important topic, one that needs to be thoroughly covered. I appreciate the film bringing the topic to light and giving it attention. Hopefully some high quality informative content can follow this in the future.

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