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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmbwithcats8 / 10

A little dose of reality

This is a great little movie that has a very relevant message about what we put in and on our bodies. Hopefully it will make people more aware, but honestly I doubt the ignorant masses will watch this movie.

Judging from the low ratings on IMDb, I can officially call the movie "BRANDED" highly underrated, and a must see film for anyone who wants even a glimpse of responsibility for what we put in and on our bodies that leads to so much disease, war and suffering.

A unique perspective, full of detail, a hero's journey to find substance in a world gone mad.

Great imagery, dystopian atmosphere and what the world is like that most walk through simply unaware, and not wanting to care.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


I bought this film from looking at the cover. I expected a low budget Asylum/SyFy film, one I could sit and laugh at the terrible acting and bad special effects. Instead what I obtained was very ingenious film that unfortunately sacrificed entertainment in order to make a statement. The first half of the movie is long in setting up for the second half.

It appears a symbolic divine heavenly cow in Taurus (minus the Pleiades) creates people from time to time with great insight to shape the human race. This cow also narrates in voice that sounds like Cate Blanchett talking to Frodo because the writers weren't clever enough to create a good scene to relate what was spoken. Narration as constant filler is substandard writing.

Misha (Ed Stoppard),a Russian ad man has been selected as those once in a generation visionaries to lead mankind. As an ad man he meets Abby (Leelee Sobieski) and they produce a show together. However, there are evil forces out there against them: a burger man (Max von Sydow) with a diabolical marketing campaign that will make "fat women popular." Kiss me Mama June. Eventually Misha has a divine cow planned epiphany and becomes a Roddy Piper ("They Live") without the glasses to give us the brief sci-fi moments.

The film is an over statement on how the world is shaped by advertising and propaganda campaigns. This is hardly new material, although the culprits presented are mainly the fast food and soft drink industries. If you like the "turn off your TV" campaigns, you might want to turn yours on to watch this film.

Good concept, but the execution lacked entertainment value.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, clothed sex, male rear nudity (Ed Stoppard or double). Leelee in bra, brief groping.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Well it won't leave you branded in any way...

Well, I must admit that "Branded" was nothing like what I had expected it to be, neither from reading the synopsis, nor from reading reviews.

This movie is interesting only if you have any type of interest in brand labels, marketing and consumerism, of which none I care nothing about. So it was somewhat of a struggle for me to get through this movie. And I ended up clinging to the movie only because I saw something with Creature Effects or Creature Designs in the intro credits, which made me curious to see what it was.

The movie is nicely shot and filmed, I will give it that much. Visually it was an interesting movie. But for me, the storyline was awfully boring and tended to drag on for a very long time. It should be said that the story does incorporate a lot of different aspects from various genres; romance, drama, action, spies, and much more. It was a very strange and unique mixture of genres. But ultimately, the movie turned out to be a rather boring and long experience for me.

As for the people starring in the movie, well Ed Stoppard (playing Misha) really carried the movie phenomenally with his performance. He was really well-cast for this particular role and he executed it tremendously. And I was thrilled to see Max von Sydow in the movie as well, despite only having a small role. He always brings his usual charms and wits with him to his movies.

"Branded" is a movie that picks up the customs and inbred cultural habits that is plaguing mankind today and slams it down on the table in an attempt to shatter what we know and the way we accept things for what they are. However, you have to enjoy these kind of semi-political and cultural-debate-warranting movies to fully enjoy this, despite the fact that it was dressed up to appear as a proper movie and not a pseudo-documentary.

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