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Reviewed by morrisonhimself8 / 10

Excellent cast, some very good music, and some vicious fights

Despite the excellent cast -- and any movie is improved and rates high if Dave "Tex" O'Brien is in it -- "Boss of Rawhide" does not earn 10 stars.

There are very many good elements, including that excellent cast -- and I cannot stress the quality of the players too much -- but there are some bad ones too: Primarily the attempts at humor by the minstrels.

Director Elmer Clifton had been around since silent days, and his sure touch was not quite so sure, or perhaps the editing could have been tighter. Still, the framing and angles showed his experience and he kept the action moving -- most of the time.

Jim Newill, who co-authored with "Tex" O'Brien one of the songs, sang four and showed me he was one of the best cowboy singers of the movies. He had a really good voice.

Oliver Drake wrote the other three. His name too is just magic and means a good time is ahead for a movie audience.

There are too many great Western performers to try to point out the great Western performances in "Boss of Rawhide."

And the story was solid, with many and intriguing characterizations, generally well portrayed.

It doesn't quite come together, primarily because of the unfunny "humor" of the minstrel show, but it's a B Western and therefor I like it.

And, more important, Dave "Tex" O'Brien is one of the stars. His big fight scene at the end showed him, again, as a superior actor, and I'd rate "Boss of Rawhide" high just for him.

You can do what I did, and see it free at YouTube -- well, almost free: There are commercial interruptions. But having to watch the beginnings of commercials is usually better than paying money.

I do recommend "Boss of Rawhide."

Reviewed by planktonrules3 / 10

Minstrel alert!

While I am not the most politically correct guy out there and I don't get too bent out of shape about stuff I see in old films, I should point out that this film features a minstrel show. Yup, white guts wearing paint to make themselves look like stereotypical blacks...not exactly something that won't offend! I am NOT saying this make the film one to skip, it might be one to skip if you cannot look past this.

"Boss of Rawhide" is a series western from PRC...a low-budget company known for mostly craptastic movies. They were famous for making B-movies...and "Boss" is clearly a B...with a running time under an hour and a low-budget version of The Three Mesquiteers or The Range Busters (series films from Monogram, one of the better low-budget studios).

The story begins with a group of folks in a stage coach being shaken down to pay extra to pass through a patch of land. Soon, a guy who didn't wanna pay is shot dead by a baddie hiding in the woods and it just so happens that the Rangers are among the folks in the coach. They decide to pretend to be strangers to each other and some of them pose as traveling minstrels! The story all boils down to the usual B-western plot...there's a boss who wants to gain control of all the land there abouts and he isn't against killing and terrorizing folks to do so.

What does the film have going for it? Well, if you like singing cowboy films, the music is at times nice...though not quite as good as what you'd find in a Gene Autry or Roy Rogers flick.

What is working against it? Well, the plot is the most overused plot in westerns. And, the minstrel scenes are demeaning and rather gross. Overall, not one of the better films of its type, though one die-hard fans might be able to enjoy.

Reviewed by hines-200010 / 10

Tex O'Brien and Texas Rangers

Tex, "I'm a citizen of the United States and free speech is part of the Constitution" Hade, "Maybe so but free passage through that toll gate ain't." This sets the stage for Sam Barrett (Jack Ingram) to start throwing led at the nesters with the head of the Colby Ranch (Ed Cassidy). Jim Newill and Dave "Tex" O'Brien provide the action and music while Panhandle (Guy Wilkerson),Billy Bletcher and Jimmy Aubrey give the comic relief. It helped to have the lady who was born to be the leading lady of westerns Nell O'Day and best henchmen Charles King and George Chesebro.

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