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Reviewed by peefyn5 / 10

Cars and Norway (in that order)

I'm not one for car/racing movies, so a big chunk of this movie did not really appeal to me. It's not a long movie, and a lot of it is cars driving on roads. The scenery is often nice, though.

But other than all the shots of cars driving (with some minor action in them),I like how this movie acknowledges the fact that it is Norwegian, and uses it to its advantage. It can't compete with Hollywood blockbusters in their game, but it can be something that's unlikely to come out of Hollywood. Some of this are just references that only Norwegians will understand (like a reference to Flåklypa Grand Prix),but it also shows itself in the mentality of the characters, and in some of the settings.

Reviewed by mister_bateman7 / 10

Way better than its Hollywood counterparts

A hilarious and charming action comedy with lots of heart, great scenery and nice driving scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Edillion6 / 10

Entertaining tribute to car films.

So, i'll start this review by mentioning that this movie is not as serious as the trailer would imply.

This movie felt like a tribute to old car chase films, there's hints and nods to movies such as Dirty Mary crazy Larry and of course Fast and furious among others. The movie isn't taking itself seriously, which in my opinion made it easier to watch. Along with great scenery and some well built, tastefully modified cars.

It also makes fun of Scandinavian car fans, especially the young enthusiasts, this was great fun to watch.

If you're looking for an Oscar winner, look further. If however, you like cars, and car films, you should definitely see this one.

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