Bon Cop Bad Cop

2006 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright82%
IMDb Rating6.71012722

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Colm Feore as Martin Ward
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Erik Knudsen as Jonathan Ward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LeRoyMarko8 / 10

Lots of fun

It's rare that a Canadian movie has people talking like this one. What other subjects than the so-called rivalry between Ontario and Québec could have made a better film? Add to that our national sports, hockey, and you've got a winner. It's a winner also because it's funny, especially the first half. The location where the first body is found is hilarious! Patrick Huard and Colm Feore are both doing an excellent job. They're supported by a great cast. I especially like Pierre Lebeau. That guy knows how to swear! Of course, it's full of clichés and stereotypes that the population from the two provinces (English and French) have of the other. But that's why it's so funny. I hope this film does very well at the box-office. My guess though is that people from outside Canada will not find it as interesting. But too bad! Seen in Toronto, at the Beach Cinemas, on August 18th, 2006.

79/100 (***)

Reviewed by anaconda-4065810 / 10

Godd Film Great Film.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006): Dir: Eric Canuel / Cast: Colm Feore, Patrick Huard, Sylvain Marcel, Pierre Lebeau, Lucie Laurier: Hilarious cop comedy about background. The result is one of the greatest comedies to come out of Canada. Colm Feore plays Martin Ward, a cop from Toronto and Patrick Huard plays David Bouchard from Quebec. Both are investigating the same crime due to the crime scene jurisdiction. Murder victims feature a tattoo and are involved with hockey. This leads to numerous plot turns interlocked with hilarious dialogue. Director Eric Canuel does a great job shifting humour along with both languages used in the film. Feore plays the straight man by the book but at home he is seen as ordinary even after his attempts to appear hip to his son. Huard is reckless in his actions often causing near death situations yet he has a wife and child. There are a strong host of supporting characters including Ward's sister whom Bouchard is found in bed with after Ward is attacked in his own home. The plot grows even more tense when Bouchard's daughter is kidnapped. Well made crime comedy with tremendous action combined with on target and twisted sense of humour particularly a scene where the two cops accidentally get high. Strong theme regarding language and background result in one of the best and funniest crime comedies of the decade. Score: 10 / 10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Subtitle jokes not as funny in Standard Buddy Cop Film

Martin Ward (Colm Feore) is a straight laced cop from Toronto. David Bouchard (Patrick Huard) is a rough and tumble cop from Montreal. A dead body is found on top of the sign splitting the provinces. Neither guy wants the case, but they both have to solve the case together. They soon figured that the body was drop from a helicopter, and he was killed by a serial killer called The Tattoo Killer.

There are some passable jokes. They start off annoyed with each other, but their common cause slowly brings the two together. There is something about subtitles that makes jokes less funny. Reading a joke is completely different than experiencing a joke. Aside from the dual language nature of the movie, this is a standard police drama and a buddy cop film here. Although I wish they didn't push the color so far to the blue/green spectrum.

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