BoBoiBoy Movie 2

2019 [MALAY]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vezix_Haikal5 / 10

The movie is just as servicably bland as any other shonen anime movie combined,

It doesn't try anything new sure the animation is nice too look at, and its a significant improvement over the series sure, but it doesn't go beyond that,

the characters are stagnant Throughout the movie, nobody changes, not even the main protagonist boboiboy who supposed to go on a journey of rediscovery what it meant to have power. its laughable.

some of the jokes are witty sure, but some of em are just written offensively tasteless , especially this indian character gopal who is main traits is being that of the group that loves curry. that stays throughout whole adventure as the supposed "comedic relief"..... one of MANY comedic relief.... mind you.

and the fact like i said before none of the characters have any substantial mentality growth make it all the more worst.

its quiet mind numbing honestly.

to make matters worst the whole "twist" and point of this movie has been revealed by the marketing theme themselves,

Reviewed by qyzenreviews9 / 10

Best Sequel for Animated Film

Suitable for kids and for those who love adventure and action.

The film got nominated for New York Animation Film and no surprise as the animation here is near perfect, the action combined with slow motion is very vivid.

The plot is better and superior to the previous movie which I encountered however, they missed few opportunities and that is rightfully acceptable.

Anaz Abdul Aziz played many roles by providing English voice over to many characters.

Likewise, the score merits an acclaim.

Overall, considering this as a sequel it's a solid animated film and legitimately satisfactory.

Reviewed by mikahlurimaah7 / 10

Putri Intan Payung Indah Zola Zulaikha Odelia Ladasyia Absyari.

For the M2 it looks different from the graphics, sound and more. Satisfied yes! Is still in the presence of the cunning Pipizola's son. He is cute

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