Blue Summer


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mister_bateman8 / 10

Lovely movie about country life

A city girl comes to visit her grandma in small town Japan for summer vacation and falls for a local boy, but both know the romance has a time limit. There is a bit of a love trial going on with a local girl, who is "promised" to the boy. Both their families are hoping they would get together, for the sake of the family business and the town itself. I liked that the movie addresses this modern trend of young people all wanting to go to the big city, leaving their villages and generations of family roots behind. It shows that country life might actually be way more fulfilling and beautiful. I actually felt a lot of sympathy for the other girl, who sees her future threatened by the city girl. That's why I didn't really like the ending. Not that it's bad, it just went for the crowd-please, but it would otherwise have been more powerful. Still, I really enjoyed it. Japan is so beautiful!

Reviewed by hellion-804427 / 10

Marika is prettier

She has the better breasts and longer hair. Rio is thin but why does Ginzo choose Rio if both girls are thin but has more assets? Film does not make sense, but the girls are slim and pretty. Eye candy alert!

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