Blood Pageant


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leothelion-200969 / 10

Comedy and Horror - perfectly balanced and awesome fun !!!

Blood Pageant is a really fun film that falls somewhere between a suspenseful supernatural horror and a comedy that dives into the world of reality TV. It has a great balance between the genres that make it a unique and entertaining film.

Also Snoop Dogg is friggin' awesome and the rest of the cast (Joanna DeCastro, David Chokachi, Ellia English, and more) were spot on fantastic!

It's definitely one of the titles on Amazon that's worth buying, not just renting, because it has so many small details and jokes that you get when you watch it over again. Also watch through the credits, there's something you don't want to miss at the end!

Reviewed by FridayElmStreet1 / 10

This Movie Sucks

I mean wow! This is one of, if not the worst film of '21. Its a supernatural slasher religious film. Thats right I said religious film. Its about a house set reality show where the cast and crew gets killed by a entity that makes stock sound noises. Its a total mess to say the least but I hated the religious message that treats any non religious person as a immoral idiot. But at the same time the main girl is completely unlikeable. Possibly the worst female protagonist ever. Plus the film is 115 minutes and does not need to be. Also I get a kick that when the two girls look up history of the 1600s there are photoshopped pictures. Snoop Dog is here and Im sure they filmed with him for a day, maybe two at the most. Hes in 5 brief scenes. I hated this film.

Reviewed by lkulp1-778-6080610 / 10

A really fun Christian Horror film

Blood Pageant is an interesting horror film that brings together comedy, thrills and horror. I'm going to get a bit of grief for saying this, but I see it as "Christian Horror". It may seem like a stretch but watch it and you may agree.

I loved the statements that went across the screen as the movie started. They referred to the fact that the fastest growing belief groups are the "none", those with no religious beliefs. Also that new age beliefs may be opening the door to age old demons.

Blood Pageant shows the consequences of toying with forces you don't understand.

I truly enjoyed this movie, I love horror films with both comedy and a touch of camp. Never was it more clear that there is No Reality in Reality TV. We have a fun story here.

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