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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Dull Canadian thriller

BLINDSIDE is a dull Canadian thriller that boasts a leading role for the typically great Harvey Keitel, who is the only decent thing about it. Keitel plays the proprietor of a sleazy hotel, one of those characters who comes with a great deal of baggage. Some ruthless mobsters ask him to spy on one of the clients, which he does, but he ends up overhearing a planned murder and is forced to act. Unfortunately, this film suffers from a confusing storyline where very little happens and various sides are working against one another. There's the occasional burst of sudden violence but it's mainly dark and dreary, lacking in the suspense needed to make it work.

Reviewed by Johnny_Hing5 / 10

Mildly entertaining, but bizarre ending

I came to this site to gain some clarity regarding the ending, which was not only abrupt, but confusing. Thus far, no satisfaction in that regard. The movie wasn't bad at all. The lead loudmouth gangster was a bit unbelievable... over the top, and seemingly miscast for the part. Keitel is a fascinating actor, although there were long stretches where his character said little or nothing at all. Lori Hallier and a young 25 year old "Lolita David" (as she was billed in this movie) were easy on the eyes. I found it odd that his motel guests didn't come to the front desk to pay their rent... he would knock on their doors and collect. And, apparently, they didn't have to pay in advance. They could even be a few weeks behind, and he wouldn't boot them out. Strange. Dark, moody, slow-paced. If I could have made some sense out of the plot twists near the end, I might have given this 7 stars.

Reviewed by rsoonsa5 / 10


Harvey Keitel plays Penfield Gruber, once a prominent researcher in the field of surveillance science, who has lost his status as a result of his wife's messy suicide and is to be found as owner/manager of a run-down Toronto motel (he sports a goatee and smokes a pipe apparently to convince viewers of his past when fortune smiled). A narcotics dealer pays Penfield to surveil a business rival who resides in the motel and since Gruber routinely spies upon his clientele anyway, through access of the TV monitors, his new assignment does not require much creativity; however, in the course of his observing, he discovers that a murder is being planned to occur among his tenants, other than those purveying drugs. By capturing his findings on tape, Penfield is thrust into the middle of a savage gang war, all the while becoming romantically involved with the incipient homicide target, the film sagging into a patchwork of interrelated complications and betrayals. Director Paul Lynch places emphasis upon use of closeups, helpful in this case as the work is largely shot not only at night, but during very murky night at that, and watching Keitel in turn blankly studying his video recording of his wife's death by sleeping pill overdose, potentially voyeuristic as it may seem, is actually rather mild since Keitel's reading of his part is remarkably devoid of feeling, ostensibly due to his character's history of misfortune. Shelved for nearly two years, in all probability because its storyline is consistently unfocussed, the production does benefit from capable editing by Stephen Lawrence and interesting turns from Lori Hallier as Penfield's drastically targeted lover and Lolita Davidovich as a strip teaser with a heart of gold.

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