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Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by freydis-e5 / 10

Better than the ratings would suggest - well worth a watch

This film isn't bad at all. I tend to rate low and I'd expect it to score well over 6. The acting is fine all round, the story mostly works, the pace is kept up and the tension well-sustained. It's no masterpiece, but passes an exciting and enjoyable 90 minutes.

On the downside: the clichéed bratty kid (You only care about your job, mommy, not little meee.) seems to be included only to spin out tension for a few more (and highly improbable) seconds; the director seems to want to examine the psyches of bomb disposal crews, but this aspect is too rushed to be either useful or interesting; since the character Camille seems just as clued-up as Igor and somewhat more effective in action, had more of that action been left to her, the outcome might have been better; and finally, once Camille buys them the 90lb, a far more obvious solution to the problem becomes apparent but none of the characters ever realise - I'll say no more to avoid spoilers.

Watched as pure entertainment, I'd recommend this.

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