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Reviewed by Sergeant_Tibbs8 / 10


This year is already shaping up to be a great one for documentaries and Blackfish is quickly earning the reputation of being the most essential. And it absolutely deserves it. Although its an emotionally charged argument, there's a rational logic behind it. Every time there's found footage of killer whale incidents it's utterly gut-wrenching and you can't help but dread the moments that inevitably shook the world when they could've been prevented. Fortunately, the filmmakers find a different way to present the footage each time and it keeps it from feeling repetitive and builds to feeling more heart breaking at every turn. In its use of talking head interviews with former trainers, it ends up genuinely dramatic without feeling melodramatic as many documentaries can. It oozes with passion for the creatures which helps enforce its argument against their treatment, not just for better protection for trainers, but for corporations like SeaWorld to not turn a blind eye at the clear injustice they've cased. What's the moral cost of the business and entertainment? I certainly won't ever be able to be entertained by animal acts without thinking about Blackfish. Thisis an extremely powerful documentary that's brilliantly structured, tragic and cinematic. More than worth your time.


Reviewed by Leofwine_draca9 / 10

Harrowing, outstanding documentary

BLACKFISH is a documentary that explores the circumstances surrounding the death of a SeaWorld employee at the hands of a killer whale called Tilikum. It's a masterwork, a harrowing and absolutely outstanding piece of filmmaking that takes the opportunity of exploring many connected areas and raises important questions about the ethics surrounding performing animals.

The documentary is a well-paced and engaging combination of talking heads and historical footage of the killer whales performing. As somebody with an interest in wildlife and conservation, I found this to be enthralling stuff that not only educated me about a species but also horrified me in the extreme. It truly is one of those documentaries that everybody should watch to find out more about the cruelties and complexities of our modern world.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

Shocking eye opening dangers

This is an advocacy documentary film about the dangers of the orca show at Sea World, and the viability of confining these creatures in such small spaces. It's a strictly one sided film with Sea World not participating. I can certainly see the reason why they didn't participate.

I won't say I agree with everything in the documentary. However, the real footage of these dangerous encounters are truly eye opening. If a documentary is suppose to bring something to a wider discussion, this one has done that for me. I could never bring anybody to see the show at Sea World.

In many ways, these are like a tiger, lion, or a bear in a circus. It has dangers, but orcas travel much further and they're much bigger. It should be a serious discussion as to whether orcas should be kept captive.

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