Black Warrant


Action / Thriller

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Cam Gigandet as Anthony
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Tom Berenger as Nick Falconi
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Jeff Fahey as LaRusso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevendbeard7 / 10

Pretty Descent Action Movie

I saw Black Warrant, starring Tom Berenger-the Sniper movies, The Big Chill; Cam Gigandet-The Magnificent Seven_2016, the Twilight movies; Helena Haro-El juego de las llaves_tv, 40 Years Young and Jeff Fahey-Alita: Battle Angel, Lost_tv.

This is a pretty descent action movie. Tom plays a retired special ops agent that is living on a boat, taking it easy, living the good life, when Jeff-his former handler-comes calling and tells Tom that he is the only person that can handle the job of taking on 3 Black Warrants at once. A black warrant is an elimination job where the subject is killed, with no chance of him telling his side to a jury. Cam plays a DEA agent working a case concerning a cyber terrorist who has a machine to control the power grids of entire cities. After his partner is killed, Cam crosses paths with Tom and they realize there is a connection between their missions. Helena plays an innocent employee of one of the bad guys that gets recruited by Cam to help his case. Storywise, there's not much new here-you've probably seen it before in other movies-but it is entertaining.

It's rated R for violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 34 minutes.

I don't know if I would buy it on DVD but it would be worth a good streaming.

Reviewed by cdcrb5 / 10

who's your daddy

Tom berenger. Remember him. Way long ago, he was on the verge of real stardom. It didn't quite happen. Who knows why? Anyway its nice to see him. And here he is in a turkey. Its stupid, dopey, ridiculous, non sensical. You keep saying why did they say that . Or do that. Whatever. And yet, and yet. There are moments of real tension and excitement. The movie looks good and the direction is just fine. Things certainly move right along. Even the story is all right. The acting on the other hand stinks. Or let's just say there's little of it. So there you have it. Not worth plunking down bucks at the box office, but at home on a saturday nite for free. Why not.

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