Black Robe


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Sandrine Holt as Annuka
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Raoul Trujillo as Kiotseaton
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Aden Young as Daniel
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Lothaire Bluteau as Laforgue
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Varlaam8 / 10

Significantly softened

This film made major concessions to political correctness in its portrayal of the Indians, who are depicted in a considerably more flattering light here than they are in Brian Moore's novel. This could also be considered the romanticizing "Dances With Wolves" effect. The novel drew some (unjust) criticism here in Canada for its uncompromising approach.

The actual history is fairly readily available. "The Jesuits in North America in the 17th Century" by the great American historian Francis Parkman is the standard 19th c. work on the proselytizing efforts of the French Récollet and Jesuit fathers.

Still, if you are not very familiar with the subject, this film is a strong, and quite gruesome, introduction. I'm not aware of a lot of films about the colonial period which are as tough. Not "Last of the Mohicans", or the adult westerns from the '50's, in my opinion. "Little Big Man", perhaps. Or possibly "A Man Called Horse", which I haven't seen. The priest in the story is a composite of actual missionaries, and the impact of this historical adventure thriller is heightened for me knowing that everything in this film happened, and often a whole lot worse.

The rights and wrongs, the pros and cons, of the cultural collision of Europeans with the autochthonous peoples are still too contentious, so I would rather not get into them. There is a lot here to brood about afterwards, and chances are good that you'll seek out a copy of the novel -- it's not very long, and a lot easier to read than James Fenimore Cooper. If you're American or Canadian, this is an important part of our shared past.

"Black Robe" is one of the very best Canadian feature films, with a solid cast led by Lothaire Bluteau with August Schellenberg and Tantoo Cardinal in support. The presence of an Australian director, Bruce Beresford, perhaps kept the film from turning into a well-meaning but dry Canadian history lesson.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg9 / 10

Quebec in history

Having addressed race relations in "Driving Miss Daisy", Bruce Beresford turned to relations between Jesuit priests and the indigenous peoples of the Americas in "Black Robe". I understand that the movie drew controversy for depicting the Mohawks as brutal while not depicting the colonizers as such. Maybe so. I guess that the movie's overall point is that the main priest thought that he was doing the right thing, no matter how dangerous things got.

Far from the plodding stories in Terrence Malick's movies, this one cuts right to the chase. A couple of scenes seemed as if they got thrown in for comic relief, but mostly it's a serious movie. You gotta appreciate all the effort that went into it (at the very least, the cinematography showing the mountains and forest).

Definitely see it.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

Good clash of cultures movie

It's 1634 Quebec. LaForgue (Lothaire Bluteau) is a Jesuit which the natives call Black Robe. He and young Daniel (Aden Young) are sent on a dangerous journey by Champlain to the distant mission with the Hurons. They are guided by a group of Algonquin Indians led by Chomina (August Schellenberg). Daniel falls for Chomina's daughter Annuka (Sandrine Holt). Simple things like a clock and writing seems to be magic for the natives and they suspect Black Robe is a demon.

There is great realism in this movie. The characters are human and complex. There is confusion and lots of misunderstandings. It's a no nonsense take on the grim early interactions. Both sides are doing what they perceive to be right but the clash of cultures is too much. The acting is superb especially from August Schellenberg. The locations are grand and they have a brooding danger about them. The wilderness takes the movie and never lets it go.

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