Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle


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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies2 / 10

Flap flap

Severin Films, who released the original Birdemic, wants to move past Birdemic 2: The Resurrection and introduce a new and better take on the birds. Or so they said, but after a decade, not much has changed.

Gerontologist Evan (Ryan Lord) and marine biologist Kim (Julia Culbert) have learned from her collecting ocean water samples that the water has become too acidic due to global warming. That means that the birds, always those CGI birds, are mad. But first, there's romance.

Director and writer James Nguyen did it all himself this time and man, it's certainly a movie. There's nearly an hour about climate change where every conversation and even the artwork references it. If you think the media isn't spending enough time on this issue, this movie is out to make up for it.

It also has a lot to say about how good Vertigo is.

There's also a lot about how Mr. Green, an Elon Musk-esque billionaire is our only hope.

And then twenty minutes in, this movie remembers that it needs bird attacks and gives you bird attacks.

To get there, there's a long karaoke slow dance scene, a space elevator and lots of making out.

I think this movie has a brand name now that guarantees that lots of people are going to want to watch it. I can't believe that there was one of these movies much less three. There are long stretches without dialogue or even music. There's no real story until it's almost over. And by this point, either James Nguyen is in on the joke or so far into himself that he doesn't realize what he's making or probably both.

In case you want to know where your money went when you bought all of those Al Adamson and Dennis Steckler box sets, you can see it on the screen here.

Reviewed by khadryan-230061 / 10

James Nguyen keeps the level

I can be biased, as I am fan of bad cinematography, but I enjoyed this one even more than 2 previous.

Style of Mr. Nguyen matures as a fine wine.

The camera work, the sound, the special effects - it gets worser and worser.

The screenplay, the nonsensical, stiff dialogs, the terrible performance of the actors do not change.

Some people insist on not calling it a film (movie),and I see where they are coming from. Most of its running time is used by characters walking, driving or running, and talking to various people about global warming. Its message, although important to hear, is delivered with such a lack of subtlety, it gives the opposite effect.

After watching it in the cinema in Wroclaw, Poland, I wanted to burn couple of tires and pollute the nearest Odra river.

I am giving 1 for the overall quality and not for the enjoyment.

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