Bibliothèque Pascal


Drama / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rindiana8 / 10

Imaginary Reality

If you think this is going to be one of those sprightly bright Balkan ethnic panoramas in the superficially entertaining Kusturica mold, you're in for a surprise: Beneath all the visual pizazz and eccentric characterizations lies a deeply disturbing portrait of a society marked by physical and mental exploitation as well as moments of human kindness.

Director Hajdu spins an intriguing web of shifting and merging narrative levels of reality versus imagination, both grim and light. By doing so, he gets a better grip on the imponderability of life than most "real" social dramas put together.

Some may find the way he's handling the brothel scenes way too florid, but bear in mind the narrative's fantastic underpinnings and all fits into place.

8 out of 10 literate pimps

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Imagine this

A very irritating title, but that shouldn't put you off the movie. There are quite a few other things that will do that job alright! It is really confusing and has a very strange story line. Something that is anything but familiar. Not to mention that it not only walks a thin (moral) line, but crosses that line quite a few times.

This is not for the squeamish or for people who are offended lightly. They will hate this. But then again, it is very unlikely they will find out about the movie ... and even if they do, they will only rant about it, without watching it. That's not to say, that everyone who's going to watch this movie will like it (look at some other comments, to see the controversy this stirs up).

But the cinematography, the really weird story and very fine acting, will hold your attention. Going into the story would spoil the fun, of you discovering it. Though I cannot, give you any final thoughts on this ... you have to come up with something yourself ...

Reviewed by Davor_Blazevic_19598 / 10

Modern fairy-tale for adult viewers

Hungarian-German-British-Romanian co-production movie Bibliothèque Pascal (spoken mainly in Romanian, occasionally in English, while Hungarian is used extensively only in a single theatrical monologue) deals with the heavy subject of human trafficking and sex trade, presented through an imaginative world of the main character, (in)voluntary victim of a modern day slavery, who, in her attempt to reclaim custody of her little daughter, (un)knowingly resorts to fairy-talish description of how she met and lost a man who fathered her daughter and what extraordinary powers little Viorica inherited from him, of good causes she followed to accept her foreign (sexploitive) engagement, and of the imaginative way her "services" were delivered. The only mild objection that can be given to the movie is that everything in it, revolving around Mona Paparu, quietly radiating leading character of subdued expression (brought to the screen by brilliant, classically beautiful Hungarian actress Orsolya Török-Illyés),her life, at first as a traveling artist in the puppet theatre, and later as "Jeanne D'Arc" in stylish chambers of the title "library", inhabited with prostitutes for high-end clientèle, impersonating famous characters from literature (ranging from Desdemona and Ophelia to Dorian Gray and Pinocchio) is too nice and polished for the ugly and rough reality the movie deals with--the very same sole objection that can be given to Guillermo del Toro's extraordinarily beautiful, phantasmagoric El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth, 2006),in which a young girl escapes from brutalities of life and her ruthless stepfather, army captain in WW2 fascist-ruled Spain, into the fascinating world of her own imagination--confronting guilt and innocence, violence and kindness, coldness and compassion

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