Beyond Words

2017 [POLISH]


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Reviewed by aniaboh7 / 10


I had big expectations because I follow Jakob Gierszal talent. I want see more and more of his amazing acting. I'm not disappointed atall . It was worth watching. His talent did come first in my opinion . I have few question about whole story . What happened between son and dad . Why he been missed in his life ? I wish know more about they past. Anyway . Story is close my heart because I left country 12 years ago as young girl and set up my life abroad, grown own business, learn new language and culture.

My father also was missed in my life because (like lots of polish man in communism) was alcoholic. He past away this year. I been ask to help him. I did help my father financially on the end. I felt confuse why I'm doing it if he bring absolutely nothing to my life. It's very interesting subject and wish see more movies in this matter .

It was interesting-watching difficult relationship between son and father. Music, black and white pictures made a greet job and Jakob of course ;)

Reviewed by dieterdoum1 / 10


Even from an art film, which is probably the intention of this movie, I expect a minimum of action or story line. This movie has none. If you have difficulties to sleep this might be the next best and natural thing to sleeping tablets.

Reviewed by danybur8 / 10

Me, German


What happens to immigrants who, thanks to their appearance, seek to blend in with their adopted countries? This Polish-Dutch film offers us a look at these particular cases.


Michael (Jakub Gierszal) is a young Polish lawyer who works in an expensive Berlin law firm alongside his boss and friend Franz (Christian Löber). An unexpected meeting with his father, whom he considered dead (Andrzej Chyra) and recently arrived from Poland, will produce a crisis in him.

Michael is tall, blond, with all the looks of a German. He has a very good time, he feels totally integrated into Berlin life and is very concerned about looking German and hiding his Polish origin from him. He is elegant and cold like the wonderful black and white photograph of Lennert Hillege in which the movie is shot. It is not by chance that the film begins with Michael sitting in a room in front of an African poet and potential client who requests to live in Germany, since the studio where he works sponsors immigrants for free. This immigrant, his reappeared father, whom he lodges in his house for a time in an attempt to get to know each other and Franz, constitute a game of mirrors that put his identity and a past and an origin in crisis that the protagonist wants to leave permanently behind after its new German facade.

Urszula Antoniak's film will give us only some clues to that reunion and the motivations of that son and that father who emerged from nowhere. Jakub Gierszal performs a magnetic performance, endowing his character with nuances that go beyond his initial cold restraint. Perhaps some of Michael's behaviors do not feel entirely justified, but they are respectable decisions of the script, in a film that soberly interrogates us about competing identities and the particular case of immigrants who, thanks to their appearance, seek to blend in with the natives of your country of adoption.

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