Beyond the Neon


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Frank Pesce as Frankie the Strip Club Owner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by el-tigere10 / 10

A Must see Movie of aWareness

This movie uncovers the world of human trafficking through the lens of the women who are in the United States. But forced into sex slavery where they are mistreated and kept from their families. We follow the main character from his trip to sin city las Vegas to a young girl's home where her mother is concerned about her daughter's well being. If this sounds like it is tragic it's because it is. This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions and depicts human trafficking that is happening right here in the United States. Buckle up for the ride of your life.

I recommend this to everyone who is interested in understanding the facts about human trafficking and why it's a big industry that you might not know is filling a void and creating a cycle of violence and sexual exploitation.

Reviewed by vjcsrcdty3 / 10

Feels like a project from a B- film student

The movie is set up to feel like a reality film, the wooden acting an unnatural dialogue removes you from this facade. If you've watched the first ten minutes, you've seen the best the movie has to offer.

Open opening, you're left wondering if you are actually watching a reality based story with real human connections. The acting is forced and the dialogue more so as they begin to show scenes that make no sense to even have a camera there.

The message from the movie is that all girls in the Los Vagas escort world are there under the forceful rule of pimps that have trafficked them there. This view offers no balance.

If you are studying film however, this movie offers value as the production mechanics are obvious and it would allow you to easily break down its construction.

Reviewed by zebrabinx10 / 10

Underrated - I think this is over people's heads

Interesting to see the not-positive reviews, because I think this movie is AMAZING. Perhaps some of it was over people's heads.

The format is new - think Blair Witch/YouTube? Which makes perfect sense, because this is about a YouTuber and a YouTube crew.

People seem to think this is a documentary, but it's not- until the parts with the women in the middle, which I found INCREDIBLY impactful. Can't believe what some humans have had to go through.

This movie was extremely creative, the pace is edge-of-your seat excellent, and it leaves you thinking.

Are these characters heroes? No. I don't think they're trying to be. They are "doing it for the wrong reasons" and I think that's kind of the point?

The ending is intense- I won't spoil it, but it's justified by the hardest stuff you'll ever have watch.

Is this an indie film? Yes. It's refreshing to have something diffferent than ANOTHER marvel.

Bravo to the creators! Would love to see more like this.

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