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Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo9 / 10

Beautiful, I cried...

It features teams from around the world competing for the title of Best in Snow, turning blocks of snow into creations inspired by Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Studios and The Muppets Studios.

How beautiful, the animation is just perfect, used in an introductory way for the snow sculpture competition, I don't even like these reallities very much, but I was simply in love, how can a giant block of snow weighing 20 tons become a work of art, it can't , it seems impossible, because everything is very delicate, fragile, simple, unimaginable, the creativity, the union, the talent, pure art, total passion in the icy designs... It was even emotional, I cried at times, with the winning team (for the which I was rooting for) reporting on the construction of the work, beautiful, I cried...

Reviewed by philworthington3 / 10

Just weird

If this was just a straight show about snow carving this could have been interesting, but it's just a mess!

Good points: The carvings are nice.

Bad points: The 'mayor' is incredibly annoying and weird, unfunny, and sort of putting on an accent - but really only when he says the word 'competition.' Maybe the guy playing the character is well-known in America, but from this performance I wouldn't be in a rush to see his other work.

The teams themselves aren't expert snow carvers, so they're really just following instructions from the real experts they have there to help them. The experts also blatantly decided the designs well in advance, so it's less of a team competition and more of a 'snow by numbers' deal.

The show spends most of the screen time on things that are not snow carving. Interviewing the teams is a good 50% of the show, and then you have the judges chatting and saying basically nothing.

One of the two judges seems to basically be there because he used to be the president's chef (and ice carved in his spare time). I guess by that token I am fully qualified to judge because I also work in a totally unrelated field, but I occasionally build snowmen.

Plus there are other random elements that add nothing to the show, such as an animated portion that I guess is supposed to hearken back to the Rankin Bass animations? Those shows are basically unknown outside of the US, so that falls flat for me too, but it also just wasted screen time.

Kermit also felt like a waste of screen time, although I do love Kermit usually he was just anothe distraction. Plus they also didn't bother getting the regular Kermit voice, so he didn't even sound right.

Overall it feels like the producers just threw in everything they could think of that might signify 'Christmas' (to an American audience at least.) It was trite, over-produced, fake and annoying - but the sculptures themselves were fine.

Reviewed by TheBeardedWonder6 / 10

We never see them building!

This show had a ton of potential - it's got Titus as the host and is a fun family competition idea! All they had to do was make it like that Xmas light challenge show, that's it.

Instead we see almost NONE of the actual details about them building it. A few seconds here or there, but nobody walks around and specifically interviews the team about their plan or how they're going to do it.

By the end we have basically no idea how these are built still. We saw them pouring water on it in the background tk keep it frozen, but they never talked about it or showed it front and center.

Why are the final products displayed at night when we can barely see it? All we get glimpses of are where Disney has specifically lit it up in blue and purple. It seems like they didn't quite come out like they wanted, so they worked around it by not showing them building it in great detail and then showed it at night.

This should have been a home run, instead it's a single at best...

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