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Reviewed by bluestemz6 / 10

A solid, surreal experience

Going into this film I had no idea what to expect, the only hint as to it's nature I had was the visual of the bunny costume. I expected something "Donnie Darko"-esque scripted to it's nation's culture, however sitting through this Indonesian horror I couldn't help but allude to what I felt were other American influences. The overall mostly surreal tone seemed very Lynchian, the scenes in the theater had a Mulholland Dr vibe & the foreboding rickety old lady reminded me dearly of the Log Lady in Twin Peaks. The script seemed, to me, to draw some influence from Shutter Island & that's all I'll say about that. Of course these ideas & artistic direction could have developed completely independently, regardless, as a fan of what I just referenced, this film left me pretty satisfied. Definitely worth the time IMO.

Reviewed by feGAARAbela5 / 10

Worth to watch

I love the gloomy style this movie offered, it's kinda rare to see Indonesian film with this style. Beside that, the film is a mind-blowing one. I didn't expect a twist ending. I thought this film is just some plain thriller. But I got a little boring for 30 minutes, because the plot is a little slow. The acting was really good, especially for Abimana Aryasatya and Imelda Therinne. I hope this film get some recognition because in here, Indonesia, the film didn't do well. I don't know why, maybe because the lack of marketing. The last thing, you should check another Upi Avianto's films. Sorry for my bad English.

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