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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by My-Two-Cent8 / 10


It's a really good documentary about the insanity or in my view the self loving promotion of the main characters who seem to only jump onboard this "flat earth" belief because they couldn't find another way to promote how important they want to believe they are and it's shameful that these so-called leaders of this cultish flat earth movement use this platform to make themselves feel relevant which leads people who are looking for acceptance to latch on to something that they can relate to and feel included.. At one point in the documentary a guy has someone purchase a $20,000.00 laser gyroscope so he can prove the earth is flat which totally backfires when the test that he runs proves that the earth has the exact curvature it should have if the earth is indeed round and once he sees the results he wasn't expecting he refuses to share his results with his fellow flat earthers at this conference that was put together but if that's not enough another guy runs a test trying to use lasers but it fails because the laser wouldn't shoot narrow enough to record the measurement needed but he tries again and uses a light and that experiment blows up in his face when the curvature of the earth doesn't allow him to see the light needed to prove the earth is flat.. So I guess it's back to the drawing board to find some other way to debunk the FACT that the earth is a huge ball... Also these flat earthers believe NASA has been lying this whole time and that we've never been to the moon nor have we ever put anyone into space and that other private space exploration companies are actually government backed to help sell the lie.. My neck hurts from shaking my head so much at the idiocies that these poor souls wanna believe in.. All I can say is stop it your embarrassing your mother!!

Reviewed by braincandle19798 / 10

I am not your Flat Earth guru! Ok maybe I am..

I was thoroughly entertained, this doc allowed the Flat Earth folks to completely explain away their theories and let you decide just how MISLED they are. Getting Scott Kelly to add his two cents was icing on the cake. Seeing flat earthers prove themselves wrong then still deny the truth was an amazing thing to watch, which was also expertly explained by actual psychiatrists of why it happens. Anything without sufficient proof (FE, religion, ghosts, etc) there has to be some true mental gymnastics performed for these things to stay true to believers, and that is also expertly explained in a "loving" way. Highly recommend

Reviewed by the_real_smile10 / 10

Deserves a 10 fore the last minutes

Well, this was great, the pro flat earth community people and their believes, the scientists that are now aware that they are guilty for letting people believe the earth is flat cause of their pompous attitude, and dropping mostt of blame at NASA for manipulating pictures, because if they lie about that, what else do they lie about? The absolute most fantastic scene in this documentary is the ending, where a pro flat earth promoter does the final experiment to show the earth is flat, but the result is far from what he thought it to be and you can see his brain short-circuiting.

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