Before You Say 'I Do'


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating5.9101218

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Lauren Holly as Mary Brown
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Jennifer Westfeldt as Jane Gardner
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David Sutcliffe as George Murray
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Martin Roach as Paramedic #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton5 / 10

Nicely Done But I Have Issues

This is a cute fantasy romantic comedy: the two leads are engaged, but she had such a horrid first marriage that she breaks it off. What can he do? He can get into a traffic accident which turns into a bit of time travel that zips him back ten years, three days before her first wedding. Can he manage to woo her and stop the wedding before she becomes unable to commit? Well, it's a romcom, not a tragedy. That's obvious from the first minute. You guess if things work out.

This movie is full of cute actors -- Jennifer Westfeldt is quite charming and there are some very funny sequences (asked to make predictions for a newspaper column, David Sutcliffe comes up with Martha Stewart serving time in prison and is told "It has to be believable"). The movie is light and engaging.

But I have the feeling that the people behind this don't get an important point of fantasy: the fantastic elements don't replace the realistic elements, they reinforce them in a piece like this. And what we have here is a statement that the path to true love and commitment is .... via an impossible path. No, I'm sorry, but that's not a message a movie like this should send. Especially not when it premieres on Valentine Day as this one did.

Reviewed by edwagreen8 / 10

Before You Say I Do- Dream On ***

Enjoyable romantic comedy where a woman turns down the proposal of an advertising executive because of the horrible experience she had with her first husband.

Rejected, our advertising guy meets up with a car accident and sustains a concussion. He is transported back in time to 1999, the object of the movie is where he tries to thwart the first marriage to begin with. This is certainly a very interesting plot and all the characters do well in their respective roles.

There is some confusion at the film's end. Suddenly, our guy is celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary. Evidently, he was able to thwart the marriage. When he wakes up surrounded by all the guests at his 10th wedding anniversary, this in a way reminds me of Dorothy waking up after her Oz adventure.

Overall, a fun-filled, enjoyable movie.

Reviewed by inkblot117 / 10

I say "do", do get this nice film, romcom lovers!

George (David Sutcliffe) is very much in love with his beautiful girlfriend, Jane (Jennifer Westfeldt). During a night of holding hands by the fire and munching on fondue, George whips out a gorgeous diamond for Jane's left hand. But, although Jane initially says yes, much to the delight of her co-worker, Mary (Lauren Holly),the small newspaper editor gets chilly feet. That's because she was once married to a dirtbag (Jeff Roop) who cheated on her repeatedly, even on the night of the rehearsal dinner. So, Jane, weeping, tells George the wedding is off. Very distraught, advertising executive George, who has a habit of wishing and driving through "yellow" traffic lights, makes a big new request. IF ONLY he could go back ten years before, to prevent Jane from marrying the first time. Unhappily, he's not watching his driving and gets in a crash, bumping his head. All of a sudden, he IS back in time, with a chance to lure Jane away from her intended cad. But, since the wedding is only a few days away, will George be successful? This is a very fine film for romcom fans. The two stars are quite nice and attractive, as is the supporting cast, and the plot has a satisfying mixture of humor, fantasy, and romance. Costumes are wonderful, with Westfeldt looking gorgeous, and setting, script and direction keep the film nicely on track. Do say "I do" to this flick, romcom fans, before too long. You will in the same happy state as would result from a three pound box of Dove chocolates.

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