Beethoven's 2nd


Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled31%
IMDb Rating4.91028181

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Bonnie Hunt as Alice Newton
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Debi Mazar as Regina
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Nicholle Tom as Ryce Newton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

A little contrived and mediocre in places, but is an entertaining and watchable sequel

I really enjoyed the first Beethoven, while it had its flaws, it was cute and charming. This sequel has its contrivances and a little mediocre in places, but it is a decent sequel, definitely one of the more watchable ones in the franchise. The script is weak in places, and the plot is something you will have seen before. Plus the pacing is rather hectic, and the film could have been longer. That said it is beautifully filmed, with lovely cinematography and even better scenery. The music score I couldn't fault either, and the gags are interesting(the hamburger contest was a riot). The acting is decent, with Charles Grodin very entertaining as George and Bonnie Hunt luminous as Alice. As the villains of the pieces, Debi Mazar and Chris Penn also impress. But the real stars are the dogs, Beethoven is still his funny and adorable self, but he is almost upstaged by the beautiful and equally adorable Missy. Overall, has its problems, but as a sequel it is watchable, certainly better than the rating here(and I also think the first film is rated too low). 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

Beethoven Rolls Again

The entire Newton family of Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Christopher Castile, Nicolle Tom, and Sarah Rose Karr are back in their roles from the first Beethoven movie. That lovable slobbering St.Bernard is also back and he's now a family man.

In the first Beethoven movie the star has a leading lady who is a female of the same breed. But now Beethoven's beloved is the object of a custody battle between Debi Mazur and her ex-husband. Mazur doesn't really want the dog, she's just using her as leverage. Now Beethoven becomes a daddy when the female gives birth to four handsome young pups.

This of course is a bad situation, but the Newtons one and all take a hand and families human and canine are stronger than ever.

Debi Mazur does her best Cruela DeVille imitation in her performance and she's Cruela if Cruela came from Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. Her boyfriend Chris Penn is muscle head with his little gray cells few and far between. They deserve each other, but they're pretty funny too. Mazur looks like she's enjoying herself.

Best moment for me though is Nicolle Tom when young rich player Ashley Hamilton invites her up to his bedroom for a quick romp. Beethoven rescues her in a truly spectacular manner. Those St.Bernards are really strong animals.

Beethoven's 2nd even got some Oscar recognition in the Best Song category for The Day I Fall In Love.

Beethoven's 2nd may not have pleased the critics, but it's still fine family entertainment.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

bland family movie

Beethoven is back along with the Newton family. George (Charles Grodin) and Alice (Bonnie Hunt) are forced to put up their home for their business. Ryce (Nicholle Tom) has a crush. Beethoven is also in love with a dog named Missy. Regina (Debi Mazar) gets Missy in the divorce. She and Floyd (Chris Penn) are keeping Missy until her ex pays $50k. Missy escapes and 10 weeks later, there's a litter of puppies. Regina recaptures Missy but the Newton kids manage to save the puppies.

It's a pretty bland family movie. Charles Grodin gets the worst part of deal. In the end, there are a bunch of puppies and there's a floor to this. No matter how bland, the puppies are still adorable. It's just not quite as much fun. The slapstick is more painful than hilarity. It's a lot of puppy love and it's also a bit hokey.

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