Bed Rest


Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Melissa Barrera Photo
Melissa Barrera as Julie Rivers
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Stephanie Sy as Nurse
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Guy Burnet as Daniel Rivers
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Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez as Four Year Old Kinsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gab-675999 / 10


Definitely not as much horror as I was expecting. But still a good story that was not predictable. Now a days you can always see what is coming next, but in this movie that was NOT the case at all. The only screw up was how she gave birth to the bby, then just handed it to her husband like what about the umbilical cord? Who cut it? As for Tubi originals this was one of the best ones so far that I have seen. As a mother this was a great movie. More of a drama than a horror, there was a little horror in it towards the end. Nothing that would make you jump out of your seat or anything, but still a good watch. As always, be your own judge and see it. I recommend it, and would not mind watching it again.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies5 / 10

Not bad

Directed and written by Lori Evans Taylor (she produced 216 episodes of Lucky Dog, a Saturday morning show that I have watched and cried through many times and she's the writer for the upcoming Final Destination 6),Bed Rest skipped theaters and went right to Tubi, where we discover that Julie (Melissa Barrera, Scream) and Guy Rivers (Guy Burnet) have moved into a new home just a few months before she's due to have their first child. She has some issues with her pregnancy and is moved to mandatory bed rest -- the title does not lie -- but then there are ghosts troubling her from bedside. Or, as my wife said as she walked in to this, "Is this another one of those dumb Amityville movies you're obsessed with?"

Julie has lost a baby before and has some past mental health issues, which now it seems like she's seeing a five-year-old child in her house, the same age as the boy she lost. Yet when that boy tells her that someone is coming for her baby, that's when this kicks into gear.

There may have been other children murdered in the home, but is there really a haunting? Is this all in our protagonist's mind? Are her husband and nurse Delmy Walker (Edie Inksetter) just gaslighting her into better mental health? Will I watch everything that Tubi has as one of their originals?

In your heart, you know the answer.

Reviewed by jasonpauljones-646905 / 10

The final 20 is the best, forget the rest

Maybe I shouldn't be too unkind as my title suggests, because Bed Rest does have some good moments it's just that there's a lot of empty parts in between. The story sets itself up amiably with the old spooky house and young couple soon to be parents, moving in. We know straight away there's going to be problems for them, she being heavily pregnant and forcibly bed ridden, doctor's orders, and he being a meek geek who couldn't fight off a cockroach. But once the honeymoon openings are over, this movie limps along slower than a North American winter. But thankfully Melissa Barrera, unlike the rest, at least looks as though she wants to be a part of this and her enthusiasm and somewhat noticeable talents are appreciated and vital in holding the viewer's interest during the movie's lengthy down time. And if you can make it through to the last 20 minutes, a reward of sorts can be obtained from there to the end. Hope you can get there.

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