Beckenrand Sheriff

2021 [GERMAN]

Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Staying above (water)

Is this predictable? Yes, is the message more than clear and for some maybe a bit too simple? Yes to that too. And yes the humor is something you are either down with or you don't care for it at all. But it is what it is - and the actors are really doing their best here.

A good movie like this one, has two different people who are at odds with each other at first. But learn from each other. They both learn from each other - they both grow because they see and feel each others pain. Even if they do not speak about it - but because they respect each other no matter their differences. Now again, you may be cynical and not care .... but that is on you. The movie is doing its best to tell the story as good as possible ... and it succeeds with a good script and good actors.

Reviewed by ops-525357 / 10

Ich spreche nicht mehr sehr gut Deutsch...

Aber ein bichen review kann ich doch wieder schreiiiben, also, its a comedy, made by and for the german heart and sole, with loads of demands and commands, but also some soft emotional vibes, and a lot of good old silly pranking humour moments inbetween. Youll need a lot of patience cause it lasts as long as a political party meeting so put your tunnelvisiongoogles on and take the dive into the bathtub supervisors hegemonials with a promise that youll get at least 3 good laughs.

Very cheesy and oldschool story, the verbal and pantomimical acts are well done, and the locations chosen is just extraordinary, wish it was my garden, allthough ive got a 10x5 mtr summerpool miself, cause swimming has always been a part of my life, and bath warden ive served as if the grumpy old man can , you can, though the butterfly isnt like it used to be, itts more like an albatross landing these days due to old age...its a recommend.

Reviewed by masf-723213 / 10

nothing new, nothing to lough in this comedy

German humor for german audience, jokes are very weak, sorry.

Maybe this is a movie for children? Won´t recommend it to watch it as family.

Plot is very simple and predictable, constructed to fit to the primary/only message of the movie.

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